Q2 2019

37 | Q2 2019 Apr19254 It is difficult to overestimate the importance of niche industries in the greater landscape of business in the UK and Ireland – each one plays an utterly crucial role in ensuring that the countries ‘carry on’. When it comes to the seamless continuation of the transportation industry, traffic signs are simply a necessity; by securing their position as one of the very best in this sector, Coeval have become the de facto choice for clients around the country, as Gary explains. “We design, manufacture, supply, install and commission electronic traffic signs. We offer an off-the-shelf and bespoke service, working with our customers to ensure their specifications are met to meet ever-changing road safety requirements. Our customer base is largely local authority-based, though this is not restrictive.” This bespoke approach has really defined and secured Coeval’s enduring success over the last thirty years, as they work alongside their clients to provide the best possible solution to their issues and needs. “Coeval offer a start-to-end service consulting with our customers to find the best solution to their road safety issues. This ranges from supplying a single sign to assisting with the planning and implementation of new road junctions, warning system projects and traffic calming. Ultimately, we aim to provide alternative solutions to ensure that no problem goes unsolved. Our flexibility and experience allows us to work independently and collaboratively to fulfil small and large contracts.” More importantly, Coeval also understand a need for flexibility when it comes to innovating their product line, especially when it comes to sustainability, as Gary continues. “Throughout it all, we are conscious of the need to offer robust, value-for-money systems, whilst being environmentally friendly. Our products use low The Leading Light in the Transport Industry With over three decades of experience and carefully honed expertise, Coeval can be considered true leaders in their industry. As designers, manufacturers and suppliers of electronic traffic signs, they play a fundamental role in the day-to-day operations of business, acting to accelerate the transport industry in the UK and Ireland to new heights. After being named the ‘Best LED Hazard Warning Systems Supplier’ in SME’s 2019 Transport Awards, we spoke with Coeval’s CEO, Gary Higgins, to find out more. voltage LEDS, run on sustainable energy such as wind or solar power, and use robust materials to withstand extreme weather conditions and vandalism. Use of alternative power reduces the requirement for major excavation, resulting in less disruption to road users and the natural environment.” All of this is made even more impressive when framed against the industry’s ever-shifting nature, as regulatory changes impact large swathes of the landscape. Again, flexibility, continuous development and adaptability play a large role in staying ahead of the game. For Coeval, staying ahead relies on partnering with the right companies. “Coeval are affiliated to organisations that monitor regulatory changes, and employ consultants who are experts in this field. Attendance of meetings relating to regulatory changes ensures that we are fully informed of, and ready to plan for, changes that affect our organisation.” Finally, Gary sheds some light on the internal culture of Coeval and how it permeates every aspect of the business. “Coeval has an open communications policy and encourages staff at all levels to have an input in how the company reaches its desired outcomes. Regular meetings and feedback sessions ensure that everyone has the opportunity to give their views.” Company: Coeval Name: Gary Higgins, CEO Address: 16 Averns Mill Place, Birmingham, United Kingdom Website: www.coeval.uk.com Telephone: 01214279590

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