Q2 2019

40 | Q2 2019 Mar19135 Since their launch in 2007 Wifinity has been on a mission to make WiFi great! Wifinity is a Gigabit Internet Service Provider, with products and services securely connecting over 2 million people a year across a wide range of sectors, including Defence, where Wifinity is the number 1 UK provider for recreational WiFi, Holiday Parks and Retail. Wifinity has now been recognised as the ‘Most Outstanding WiFi Solution for Holiday Parks’ in the 2019 Business Elite programme. We spoke with Wifinity’s CEO, Mark Parry, to find out more about the firm’s innovative services. Wifinity : Providing Superfast Gigabit WiFi to Holiday Parks “In this day and age, simply having Holiday Park WiFi is no longer enough. Owners and holidaymakers are demanding high-quality reliable WiFi and internet connectivity, and a home away from home experience” Building on their vast experience within the industry, Wifinity offer an end to end Internet Service for Holiday Parks. Wifinity can install WiFi in hard to reach and remote areas, to ensure guests, owners and team can access it consistently throughout the park: this “park wide” internet access is not only available in key public areas like the bar and communal spaces, but also in accommodation, whether lodges, static caravans or mobile pitches. Wifinity own and operate the UK’s largest Holiday Park Pay-as-you-go network, working with Holiday Park operators, from small independents to national industry leaders. Currently, the Wifinity service covers over 35,000 plots, and Wifinity’s first-hand experience, combined with their broad view of the holiday park market, gives them unparalleled insight into the specific challenges faced by park operators and the demanding expectations of owners and guests. Mark continues by sharing some of these challenges: “Since 2013, when we started to work in the holiday park space, it became apparent that the sector was an underserved market with poor technical solutions, where unreliable WiFi coverage was the norm. Wifinity has invested much of its R&D effort into delivering solutions that bring better, more resilient and faster connections to allow even HD streaming”. One of the key differentiators of Wifinity is their ability to provide superfast WiFi, which often delivers a better performance than customers experience at home. For Holiday Park operators, Wifinity’s services allow for increased footfall and an enhanced customer experience. A home away from home. “We have been aware for some time that we needed to provide a WiFi service in our parks, but the problem has been finding a supplier that could provide a system that delivers robust WiFi at least equal to, if not better than, the WiFi customers experience at home. Given the location and landscape of our parks that was a difficult call, but in Wifinity we have found just that and more.” - Alan Castledine, Park Resorts’ Commercial Director Company: Wifinity Address: Unit 13-14, Kingsmill Business Park, Chapel Mill Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 3GZ, United Kingdom Website: https://wifinity.co.uk/ Telephone: 020 8090 1290

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