Q2 2019

41 | Q2 2019 SME Business Elite 2019 Kinteract - 2019's Most Innovative E-Learning Platform - London, UK Winners’ Listings Skai Labs Metail Jungle Creations Brighter Spaces Pinfluencer Leaf Grow Missive Little Moons Prospect Knight Smartlingual Gigaclear Medicspot Photocert Inkpath Hettie Forward Action Metis Labs Scape Technologies CityMunch LearnCube 3Dify Crosstown Doughnuts Secret Compass Vizibl Inclusion Popertee CML UrbanVolt Smarty Software GoRoadie Heliocor Kafoodle Carbon Performance yboo Laundryheap CyberSmart BorrowMyDoggy Riversimple Custodian Solutions Secret Hamper Walkgrove LabPlay Studio DigiEnable Dream Reality Interactive Reach Robotics Marlin PR CensorNet Hambleside Danelaw Limited Barnes & Moore Leatherworks Secret Hamper CensorNet Naturally Social Novastone Jo Macfarlane Takumi Breakout Manchester The Distance Tryst Dental Filmily Changing Health Kompli Global MySense OneDome Edgeway Group Nuuk Digital Elmtronics Equine MediRecord GF Genovate Generis Technology Celerity UK Virtual Commercial Carousel PR Get My Grades Champions (UK) plc Status Solutions UK B2Bmetric Tribesports Real Links Limited ClearBank The Supper Club Alpha Professional Axminster Tools & Machinery Peaky Digital Kani Launch22 Shield Media Services Smiths Checkprint Limited GoSimpleTax 3FBio ZAK Agency WeGift The DM Lab Lurnr The Smarty Train Anwyl Construction Co Ltd Love Cocoa StartTeck Digital Profile The SME 100

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