Q2 2019

8 | Q2 2019 Since its inception in 2003, when the firm was Founded by Kamran Naseem, Finefair has developed an impressive investor base providing investment companies real solutions by rent guaranteeing their investments on long term leases with solid covenants. It secures housing stock by ensuring investors long term rent guarantees whilst providing the public sector with the housing and support services in desperate need. Currently, the firm has over £1.5 Billion in managed assets, with its property portfolio spanning all 33 of the London boroughs, South East & the Midlands as a Preferred Partner and framework provider through its consistent approach focusing on quality service. Kamran points out, having run the organisation for 16 years say’s property management is very different to Social Housing Management. This area of work requires a real dedicated team of people with a detailed and intricate understanding of social issues, governance and legislation. This forms a key role Finefair undertakes in daily operations ensuring that every stakeholder involved receives the very best in respect of services provided by Finefair. The company’s true success, however, is the growth of its client base, which has been achieved predominantly through recommendation and a consistent run of successfully securing public sector contracts. A company’s reputation is critical in running social housing, as one is only as good as its last placement. Finefair has been privileged to achieve the respect and admiration of the Best Property Management Company 2019 - London Led by industry experts, Finefair is one of London’s largest social housing management company’s maintaining its preferred partner status with Local Authorities across London, South East & Midlands providing housing and support services. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Business Excellence Awards we share a unique insight into the story behind how it came to achieve the market-leading position it enjoys today. Mar19007 majority of its valued clients, which has, in turn, led to an increase in the firm’s client base and housing authority portfolio. To date, the firm has an impressive 100% customer retention rate through its reputation for excellence which has driven Finefair to become one of today’s leaders in its field. Aiming to bridge the gap between public and private services, Finefair has carved itself a niche in the property management market by supporting investors and social housing providers. Over the years the firm has expanded its reach to showcase that it is more than just a social housing provider, but as the preferred company for Local Authorities with an intricate understanding of social housing and specialist services for supporting families and young people. This expertise is what sets the firm apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best possible provider of these vital services. Recognising the importance of expertise and longstanding industry knowledge on its ongoing success, Finefair invests heavily in attracting and retaining the housing industry’s top talent. The company’s senior management team is hands- on and aims to constantly drive the company to success from the ground-up. As such, every member of Finefair’s team is provided with the resources and support to drive themselves to excellence and provide the firm’s stakeholders with the award-winning support they expect. For Finefair quality of service extends far beyond just its investors but encompasses its service users from 16+ all the way to move on support for families. As such, the firm is constantly seeking to introduce new initiatives and innovations, to improve tenant welfare and raise the standards within social housing. Working alongside a plethora of industry collaborators the company is constantly improving its services and outcomes it achieves for young people and families in its care. Seeking to build upon its already impressive success, Finefair is set for continued growth as the company sets its sights on moving its services heavily into the Midlands and the North of England. This growth positions the firm as one of the few specialist social housing and support companies operating nationally and offers exciting opportunities for further growth and success. At the same time, Finefair remains committed to providing its investors with the same quality service that they have come to expect and rely on even as it expands nationally and enhances its brand and reputation. Contact: Kamran Naseem Address: No.1 – The Point, 420a Eastern Avenue, Gants Hill, IG2 6NQ Phone: 020 8554 0500 Email: info@finefair.com Website: www.finefair.com

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