Q2 2020

Q2 2020 Also in this issue: Delivering Delightful Development Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries LTD One In Ten Home-Working Brits Not GDPR Compliant Recent research conducted with 2000 Brits working from home identifies one in ten believe they are not GDPR compliant.

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Q2 2020 | 3 Contents A note from the Editor... Welcome to the Q2 issue of SME News. And so we’ve reached the re-opening stages of this lockdown, tentative though it may be. With the next few days bringing about a host of business-related openings there is the expectation that we’re truly emerging out of the other side. Albeit, without many of the ‘normal’ expectations we have. It’s been a baptism of fire for businesses new and old, in a truly unprecedented situation that no one could really predict or wholly prepare for. This issue will then focus on the optimism presented by the unknown future. Even if we do have to backtrack and return to more distant times, we will be more prepared and knowledgeable about what to expect. We’re experienced now in it all. Lessons have been learned, and companies up and down the country will be better equipped to grow and thrive in less-trying times. Onwards and upwards. So, whenever you have the time, sit back and take a look at this issue. We’ve focused on a select number of SMEs that are looking at becoming better, more resilient and more robust in the months and years to come. In the meantime, we hope you stay safe. We’ll be here next quarter to give you the latest in UK SME news. Laura Brookes | Editor +44 (0) 20 3970 0082 l.brookes@aiglobalmedialtd.com 4. News - Virtual Accounting New Norm For SMEs - One In Ten Home-Working Brits Not GDPR Compliant 6. Delivering Unique Design Services 7. DriiveMe: Best National Car Rental Service 2020 8. Delivering Delightful Development 9. Wonderful Welsh Cottages 10. Eat Out to Help Out! 12. Marvellous Model Management 13. Building Towards Success 15. Thriving Despite Uncertain Times

4 | Q2 2020 There’s no doubt the last few months have forever changed the way businesses operate, with more demand for remote business systems than ever before. However, looking back over the last five years, the accounting industry had already begun making huge leaps towards totally virtual systems, particularly for SME’s. The following contributing factors all contributed to this shift, which has allowed for greater flexibility and efficiency for many companies at this time; • Making tax digital brought a substantial change as all companies that are registered for VAT needed to begin submitting digital returns and this sped up the evolution and move towards a virtual accounting world. • All accounting systems have now transitioned to cloudbased systems • Apps have been connected to software to increase performance and paperless working • Companies can plan, forecast, and understand their finances looking forward • On and offsite accounting are now genuine choices instead of needing to utilize an internal team and incur fixed expenses According to Bernard Merchant of Marden&Co – an accounting firm based in Surrey, specialising in SME businesses; “We are now living in a virtual world and this requires companies to lean more on their accountants to provide virtual bookkeeping and management information. It is more important than ever to see your accounts from anywhere in the world at a click of a button.” What’s next? How do industry-leaders like Marden&Co see the landscape changing over the course of the next few months? “We anticipate companies reducing fixed costs all round, with less or no office space, fewer employees operating in fixed areas and a lot more services being performed using software and technology. As costs continue to be reduced, no doubt all companies will have to begin considering how to create an ‘oyster’-style tap in and out service as we progress and move out of the lockdown and that this will change travel, accommodation and traditional service expenses for those operating in major cities. “But it’s not all bad news. Merchant says lowering of costs for a normal SME, can ultimately result in a better work/ life balance, and possibly a greater appreciation of positive contact with others where face to face meetings will be that much more meaningful.” Virtual Accounting New Norm For SMEs

One In Ten HomeWorking Brits Not GDPR Compliant As the UK awaits news as to whether restrictions of the lockdown could be further relaxed, home working has become the new norm with many businesses operating a “business as usual approach” with 100% of their workers working from home. However, recent research conducted by full-service IT support company ILUX, has revealed some eye-opening revelations that business owners should consider. Of the 2,000 home working Brits surveyed, one in ten believed that their expected working practices are not GDPR compliant. 13% of the workforce admitted that they are using their own home technology for work. This could be the catalyst for their concerns over GDPR compliance. But the issue is not just compliance, it is that of support. Two thirds of the 2,000 home workers felt that they did not have enough support from business owners when it comes to their IT – with one in ten admitting that they felt their bosses were either too busy or too stressed to approach them. James Tilbury, Managing Director at ILUX, comments: “Whilst, as business owners, we may be busy, stressed and frankly trying to keep our heads above water, it is not a time to be complacent. Asking employees to work from home and then not providing the right computer systems and security measures is a recipe for disaster. The last thing any business needs at this time is to lose valuable data, leave themselves open to cyber-attacks or phishing and leave themselves vulnerable to the unknown. It may only seem like a small number, but it’s best not to be in that ten percent.” GDPR was brought in to strengthen data protection for individuals across the EU, all UK companies that process personal data must comply or risk significant financial penalties – up to 4% of the company’s annual turnover. For a business, not complying could have significant implications on business relationships also. Tilbury continues: “Employees should only use business devices, not home computers, phones and/or tablets to transfer data. All devices should have the latest patches applied, to ensure security vulnerabilities or other bugs are fixed, as well as anti-virus, antispam and web protection. Home computers will, most likely, not have these applied. Nine in ten is a positive figure, better than would be expected, but as a business owner I would be starting to ask myself “Did I plan enough for home working” and get some advice from an industry professional on how you might rectify any GDPR issues in my business, now. Better to be proactive than reactive in these situations.” ILUX has been compiling the information gathered from the research to provide advice and guidance on their website – where you can get contact with a professional, for confidential advice. Business owners should visit www.supportforit.co.uk Recent research conducted with 2000 Brits working from home identifies one in ten believe they are not GDPR compliant.

6 | Q2 2020 Mar20320 Delivering Unique Design Services Based in Leeds, Original Nutter Design is a leading graphic & web design agency, serving various companies around the world. Following their success in the Business Elite Awards 2020, we got in touch with Director Bo Beaumont to find out more. Established in 2014, Original Nutter Design are committed to providing full business design solutions for its clients, wherever they are located. To start, Bo offers more insight into some of the firm’s specialisms and its typical client base. “Original Nutter Design are committed to providing full business design solutions to various companies around the world. With our team including award-winning designers who always ensure of our clients’ satisfaction by providing unique design services in a timely manner, we continue to lead the design industry. Our speciality is logo design. With one chance to make a strong first impression on your clients, we will make sure your logos are perfect. Additionally, we often work on print and online marketing collateral. “As a design agency, we always aim to look for ideal methods and bespoke solutions, particularly for those who have specific design requirements. Furthermore, we also offer marketing support to ensure that all designs and materials are utilised efficiently.” Working across several industries, word of mouth has significantly aided the agency when it comes to attracting new clients as Bo goes on to explain. “We are lucky to have a good range of regular SME clients, many of whom have been referred to us from other happy clients. Moreover, from our Google search ranking, we have also seen a steady stream of enquiries generated from terms like logo designers.” With its team set up to remotely work from home, the agency can assist clients with any design needs at any time as Bo further explains. “By working remotely, we are able to serve a UK client base, allowing us to massively cut costs and pool resources in a way that gives our clients agency level quality at freelance level pricing. Our clients truly value the fact we make ourselves available out of hours, there is nothing worse than going through a hugely stressful situation that could be easily solved by your design, web or marketing team.” As a small business with just four specialist designers, the team are very close-knit, working collaboratively to help achieve its client’s design needs. Moreover, as Bo goes on to explain, it is important to hire people with the right kind of specialist skills if you are going to succeed in business. “Each member of the design team have played a vital role in the success story of Original Nutter Design, and as I was once told, you should always surround yourself with talented people. Chris, our award-winning designer, is definitely the king of our logo design projects.” Finally, Bo comments on the future of Original Nutter Design and its plans for 2020 and beyond. “In the coming year, we will be building a client support portal, offering free and extremely valuable marketing advice and insights. We understand many of our newer small business start-up clients are bootstrapping, but we would still like to offer them additional value beyond our design services. Furthermore, we know as our clients grow, so does their need for our services, it is certainly a mutually beneficial arrangement. “As a side note, we are also on the lookout for another talented marketer with email experience, who ideally will have previously helped similar businesses, so if that is you get in touch!” Company Name: Original Nutter Design Contact Name: Bo Beaumont Telephone Number: +44 333 050 1245 Email Address: hello@originalnutterdesign.co.uk Web Address: www.originalnutterdesign.co.uk

7 | Q2 2020 Feb20115 Best National Car Rental Service 2020 Renting a car for only £1 sounds too good to be true, and yet, that is exactly what the team at DriiveMe have achieved. Every day across Europe, thousands of vehicles are transported between some of the continent’s major cities. However, moving these vehicles can come at a cost that is sky high and uneconomic for many car rental companies, fleet managers, dealerships, and private individuals. DriiveMe is the perfect solution, as we find why it is an exceptional disruptor to the industry. Created eight years ago in 2012 by brothers Alexandre and Geoffroy Lambert, DriiveMe is an innovative and clever solution to an age-old problem for many vehicle owners. Every day, thousands of vehicles must be moved from one location to another, whether it be rental companies who want to balance their fleet, car dealers who need to deliver vehicles, or individuals who need their vehicle with them wherever they are. Usually, this is done by transporter trucks or professional drivers, both of which are costly methods. DriiveMe seeks to make a lasting change to this industry by allowing private individuals to move these vehicles at a fraction of the cost; one pound, in fact. People want to get to places just as much as those car rental companies and dealerships want their vehicles moving. So, DriiveMe marries the two, and presents a one-way rental solution like no other. A win-win solution for both private individual and vehicle owner, DriiveMe helps to reduce costs and offers a great deal on going places or moving to a new house. Currently available in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom, the innovative offering has more than one million members across all of Europe with approximately 45,000 routes on offer. The European expansion began with Spain and Portugal, and was spearheaded by younger brother Constantin Lambert. Today, the business is being developed and optimised for the United Kingdom market thanks to the hard work of cousin Trevor Lambert, further strengthening the success of this family story. Ever since the platform’s launch in France 2012, there has been on average 100% annual growth, a 97% satisfaction rate amongst customers, with more than 150,000 vehicles transferred thanks to DriiveMe and its one pound services. With more than five thousand vehicles transferred every month, and offices in Paris, Madrid, and London, this online logistics tool is an exceptional example of how to disrupt an industry in the right way. Saving vehicle owners more than seventy percent on average against conventional methods of vehicle transportation, DriiveMe is the perfect solution for both companies and travelling individuals. The drivers themselves are allowed a full twenty four hours of car rental, and fully comprehensive insurance cover during their time on the road for complete peace of mind. Thanks to the generous mileage allowance, individuals can make a detour or two and use these vehicles to travel about the country and explore. However, it isn’t just cars that DriiveMe offers. Vans can also be rented for just one pound, meaning house moves can be made easier and cheaper than ever before. Many of the major global car rental companies, such as Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Enterprise, and Sixt, require vehicle movement services, and DriiveMe is the perfect partner to make it happen. At the start of the coronavirus crisis, the demand for car hire increased as travellers opted out of taking public transport, resulting in a surge in bookings. DriiveMe helped thousands of people in Europe travel home before the lockdown period, and predicts another spike in demand once it has been lifted as drivers will be seeking UK holiday and staycation options that avoid unnecessary overseas travel. Renting a vehicle for only one pound might have once seemed like a dream, but innovative and clever thinking from the Lambert family have made it more than just a possibility; it is now a reality. DriiveMe is an exceptional solution to a problem that plagues both vehicle owners and travellers alike, and a deserving winner in this years’ UK Transport Awards, courtesy of SME News. Company: DriiveMe Contact: Trevor Lambert Website: www.driiveme.co.uk “Renting a vehicle for only one pound might have once seemed like a dream, but innovative and clever thinking from the Lambert family have made it more than just a possibility; it is now a reality.” Geoffroy Lambert, Co-founder and CEO Trevor Lambert, Director Northern Europe Constantin Lambert, Director Southern Europe Alexandre Lambert, Co-founder and CTO

8 | Q2 2020 Delivering Delightful Development Childcare is not an easy job, but a truly vital one. For many new parents in the world today, the need to get back to work in order to pay bills and keep food coming into the home is crucial, but leaving a child at a childcare centre can be hard. However, it can be made slightly easier knowing that the centre they are being left at is truly exceptional. That is why Pinocchio’s has been named as the Childcare Centre of the Year 2019 for Midlothian. Founded in January 1997, Pinocchio’s has been at the pinnacle of providing early years care and education to children aged between three months and twelve years for more than twenty two years. Spread across Edinburgh and Midlothian, Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries is a group of five awardwinning children’s nurseries dedicated wholly to the proper running and supplying of quality childcare. Whilst the business currently operates across five purpose-built sites in Gilmerton, Heriot Watt, Lasswade, Penicuik, and Eskbank, it is the lattermost of them that has been recognised for its exceptional work as Childcare Centre of the Year 2019 for Midlothian in last years’ Scottish Enterprise Awards. Eskbank, the largest of the five nurseries, opened twenty years ago and is ideally situated to many great transport links, fantastic services, and other educational facilities. Kings Park Primary School is less than half a mile away, whilst the Eskbank campus of Edinburgh College is within walking distance. The train station is also not fair away, which serves the Borders rail link, and there are a myriad of buses that pass near to Pinocchio’s. Despite all these societal benefits, Pinocchio’s Eskbank nursey is actually situated in a quiet, residential location, complete with a large garden area, two large trees, a fantastic outdoors area, and simply perfect for any new parents who live locally and want a trusted nursery. Just one year after opening, Pinocchio’s then expanded the Eskbank site with four more purpose-built rooms, transforming the nursery into the fantastic centre for award-winning childcare excellence that it is today. Those behind this remarkable expansion and growth are co-founders and husband-and-wife team, Stratos and Lewissa Koulis. What started as an idea to create a nursery they would be happy for their own children to attend, quickly evolved into what has become one of the finest childcare centres not just in Midlothian, but across all of Scotland. That initial vision still resonates with the entire team at Pinocchio’s today, as they seeks to make each of the five nurseries an environment that is wholly focused on addressing the children’s social and emotional needs first and foremost. Making sure that the children are happy is crucial, but it is also vitally important that any childcare centre ensures that there is also space for them to develop. Each one of Pinocchio’s nurseries lives out this mission every single day, passionately believing that when children are happy, then the development and the progress will come; they will be ready to learn in all sorts of ways. Through stimulating child-centred play, the team provide a broad and balanced curriculum that encourage the progress and development of each individual child. Coupled with quality learning resources, the environment at Pinocchio’s at Eskbank, and across all of its nurseries, is one of education, learning, development, and above all, fun. Children are encouraged to be children, as they well should be. Having the space to be a child and have fun is such an important part of growing up, and the learning process. Pinocchio’s offers a wealth of varied, fun activities that are sure to both stimulate the child’s learning and allow them to have fun in their own way. From arts and crafts, to schematic play there is a veritable treasure trove of fun for the children at Pinocchio’s to have. Every activity serves a purpose in developing each child’s potential in various areas, whether it be outdoor play or technology time, or stories and singing. Each carefully designed activity encourages positive approaches to new experiences, developing concentration, problemsolving, and planning. These skills, though they may not realise it, are vital in developing a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, and readying them for life outside of the playroom. Pinocchio’s is the perfect example of how to run a nursery; with complete child-centricity. Everything is focused around the child, and how to develop, encourage, and grow them in the best way possible. Across all five of the nurseries, and Eskbank in particular, Pinocchio’s has cultivated an environment in which children can be safe, and parents can put their full trust, and it is wholly deserving of this latest success. Contact: Katrina Weir Website: www.pinocchiosnursery.co.uk Oct19589

9 | Q2 2020 Dec19205 Wonderful Welsh Cottages For the second year in a row, Hafoty Farm Cottages has been named in SME News as the Best Holiday Cottage Accommodation 2019 in the North West of Wales. A truly idyllic place, this haven of peace and tranquillity is the perfect spot for a staycation in the United Kingdom. Rather than jetting off to busy holiday resorts or the same old beaches that every tourist visits, why not take the time to explore a slice of natural beauty at home? Let us showcase to you, the peace of a holiday in the exquisite Welsh countryside. Nestled in the heart of North West Wales, right next door to the beautiful Snowdonia National Park, lies six perfectly picturesque holiday cottages that are sure to melt away the stresses of the everyday. Converted from old barns and farmhouses, Hafoty Farm Cottages plays host to a range of styles, including ones that are characterful and charismatic, and ones that are more stylish and sophisticated. North Wales is a truly stunning part of the United Kingdom, and having the best base from which to explore and relax is simply a must. Whether you’re seeking an adventure whilst trekking on the mountain slopes of Snowdon, a seafaring journey in search of wildlife whilst breathing in the fresh sea air, or wanting to simply sit back and unwind in the tranquil surroundings, Hafoty Farm Cottages is the best place to do it from. Priding itself on being a family-run, warm, and welcoming business, Hafoty Farm Cottages was acquired in 2003 as the realisation of a dream to live in the exceptionally beautiful North Wales, enjoying extraordinary surroundings as an escapism from the freneticism of city life. There are few things more enjoyable in life for businessowners such as these than seeing guests trying something new and getting stuck into the Welsh way of living peacefully. The cottages are aptly named after a variety of purposes that they served prior to becoming Hafoty Farm Cottages. The six cottages are named Cwt Lloeau, Gorlan, Beudy, Stabl, Ysgubor and Felin, otherwise known as Calving Shed, Sheep Pen, Cow Shed, Stable, Granary and Mill, adding that extra little bit of character and meaning to the conversions. Each cottage has been fitted to ensure a truly delightful and comfortable stay, and is made up on arrival for every guest. The comfortable sofas and fresh white linen afford guests the perfect haven in which to curl up with a tea or hot chocolate, and find solace from the hustle and bustle of modern city life. With peaceful patios, private parking, and occasional glorious sunshine, the great outdoors can be witnessed in all of its magnificence. The rolling hills slope downwards towards the coast, whilst guests can get comfortable with unbeatable views of Caernarfon Castle. For families, or those with little ones who want a bit more entertainment, there is a children’s playground, plus cots and highchairs for the convenience of parents, as well as a laundry room, drying room, and a locked store for bicycles. Just a short drive away from Hafoty Farm Cottages, there are plenty more breath-taking adventures to be seen and experienced. The mighty Snowdonia mountain range, Caernarfon, Anglesey, and the Llyn Peninsula are mere miles away, and each affords a wealth of things to do. Snowdonia National Park affords glorious walking, whilst Anglesey and Llyn Peninsula offer spectacular beaches and coastline views. There are a myriad of castles, ancient monuments, and museums across North Wales for history lovers, whilst the more active holidaymakers may enjoy golf courses, pony trekking and riding, fishing, cycling, and a variety of water sports. There is an increasing popularity amongst holidaymakers who want a staycation. The beauty of the United Kingdom is truly spectacular, and Hafoty Farm Cottages is no exception. With stunning countryside and a veritable treasure trove of natural wonders and historical gems to uncover, this idyllic Welsh collection of cottages is truly amazing. Company: Hafoty Farm Cottages Contact: Elaine Moss Website: www.hafoty.com

10 | Q2 2020 Technological developments and sophisticated software play an important role in every industry now, and the restaurant industry is no exception. Drawing on years of carefully cultivated knowledge, Purple I Technologies has become a leading provider of bespoke solutions in the market. Named as Best Bespoke Business Software Developers 2019 in SME News’ Southern Enterprise Awards 2019, we thought it was time to dig a little deeper and discover some of the secrets of success. Eat Out to Help Out! Founded in 2006, Purple-I Technologies has become well known in the restaurant industry for its forward thinking, customdesigned, technological solutions. For the past thirteen years, the company has developed new ways to help business make better use of their time and resources, with its incredible systems making a tremendous difference to businesses across the world. Originally working on accident management software, Purple I soon developed new systems based around Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management systems. The end result was the impressive EPOS, designed specifically for the world of hospitality and retail. In many ways, this shows the true range of Purple I. While based in London, the team have achieved incredible success and influence outside of the capital. The team have been market leaders in the Indian restaurant sector for many years, with the success of the EPOS systems allowing the development of DineNet, an online ordering system. This responsive ecommerce with mobile app was designed with individual restaurant brands in order to ensure that it remains at an affordable cost. Success here was the result of a long time spent researching and developing various solutions including EPOS integrations, cutting the costs down in order to ensure that clients would be satisfied with the end result. In the notoriously fickle catering industry, challenges and uncertainty are commonplace. The aim of Purple I is to create ways in which new, affordable, easy to use and sustainable systems can be introduced to offset the trend. The secret of the company is an emphasis on allowing the team to make the most of their product, with no development time or complex referral needed. DineNet, for example, is straightforward enough to run that any member of staff can set it up and run it smoothly, enabling a restaurant to reduce or manage with less staff while customers are able to reap the benefits of a modern, efficient way of ordering their meals. The major impact that Purple I has had on the catering market can clearly be seen in its partnership with Channel S’s Catering Circle Shows. This TV show has proven to be incredibly popular with members of the Bangladeshi community, and look carefully at the ways in serious of burning issues and its solutions which includes technological solutions can be introduced in Indian restaurants. For the team from Purple I, the role is that of advisor, explaining to restaurant owners and managers the different ways in which they might be able to use technology effectively and cut down costs. Within the industry at large, Purple I have become more useful thanks to the rising use of technology generally. Generally considered a necessity, there are very few people without a device to hand that can handle any number of demands. This is one of the factors, beyond Purple I’s exceptional product, that has helped to encourage businesses to embrace the EPOS system. Another aspect of what Purple I dineNET has to offer is that it cancels out the high commission charges that are taken from other online platforms. The development of Dec19054 a bespoke online order system negates this entirely, allowing small business owners to get back all of the money from the order and save thousands of pounds in just commission. The Brexit debate caused a great deal of uncertainty in business but now that the UK has left the EU there has been clarity on the position. Following this, Covid19 has completely turned the catering industry on its head. With restaurants now open following lockdown, VAT being reduced to 5% until Jan 2021 and Rishi Sunak’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ Scheme, it is hoped that the UK businesses will recover quickly. Indeed, during the lockdown restaurant and bar industry have been severely affected. As businesses had to shut their doors with no certainty of when they will be able to reopen, many adapted quickly to the change by finding new ways to provide their services. For most, this meant introducing a take-away service, which for many was a new venture. Many restaurants turned to using delivery services and Purple I noticed an uptake in clients investing in promoting their own brand using Purple I dineNET and getting rid of online giants such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEATS. Additionally by cutting down kitchen staff, many restaurants were still able to provide customers their favourite curries, all be it from slightly condensed menus. Whilst it may have

Q2 2020 | 11 Eat Out to Help Out! been trial and error to begin with, it has certainly been a positive experience as it has enabled businesses to continue running during the pandemic. Purple I has become core to helping Indian restaurants survive during the crisis and will play a fundamental role in supporting the growth of businesses throughout the UK. In many ways, the company’s home in London, gives it an almost unique perspective as it lies at the epicentre of the UK. Unparalleled in its diversity, business links, vibrancy and talent, the team find it a joy to be able to operate from the heart of the city with even the London Mayor Sadiq Khan proposing a moving to Purple I’s side of the city. The opportunities for business are clear, with the Purple I crew working tirelessly to ensure that it makes the best of the opportunities available in London and throughout the UK cities. This attitude also applies to the technical side of the business, and the team are always excited about the latest developments and possibilities. Currently, they have begun to broaden their horizons, looking into software for an entirely different sort of event. When large scale events like Award Ceremonies, Conferences, Weddings do begin to start up again, there will be increasing levels of complexity regards physical and virtual attendance and how an event can provide a holistic platform. Purple I will be front and centre to equip the market with a Guest Management System that will simplify proceedings on these occasions as well as offer technological solutions to events. For those who have used the services of Purple I, it is clear that this company is an exceptional Company: Purple I Technologies | 0845 388 1971 Contact: Md Abdul Haque Web: www.purplei.co.uk | www.dinenet.co.uk | www.cateringcircle.co.uk provider of business solutions. For small and medium businesses, it is a godsend, allowing them the chance to work at the same level as larger corporations. Lockdown has forced the catering industry to guard against risks but the industry has also identified many opportunities, confident in the knowledge that everyone loves a good curry and is reliant on technology. Committed not only to excellent service, but evolving service, clients can rest easy in the knowledge that Purple I will always stay on top. “Purple I has become crucial in helping Indian restaurants survive and will play a critical role in finding solutions during the crisis.” Abdul Haque, MD of Purple I Technologies speaks at the Catering Circle Conference 2019

12 | Q2 2020 The world of modelling has recently become infamous as an industry which has poor health and wellbeing, with unrealistic standards being the order of the day. Taking an approach that put health and wellbeing as a priority, Leni’s Model Management has made an incredible impact on the industry at large. Named in SME’s Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019 as Modelling Agency of the Year 2019, we looked a little closer to find out more. Founded in July 2009, Leni’s has made waves in the industry, with the dynamic direction of Founder and CEO Eleni Renton carving a unique path for the business. Based in Farringdon, London, this international agency has amassed an enviable collection of models and influencers that can be perfectly matched to the needs of any brand or client. The beating heart of the company’s vision is a commitment to good health and wellbeing. Long-term, personal relationships are developed with all clients, with guidance given on how best to live a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy body image. In the competitive world of modelling, the latter can be a challenge to overcome. A supportive community culture has allowed some incredible talent to be nurtured, allowing room for an amazing diversity of global organisations. More than three hundred models are on hand, with the experience of representing brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Misspap, Missguided and Studio Retail. Leni’s has been recognised for its ability to find and grow emerging talent in the UK market, and the team have become adept at ensuring that first class service is guaranteed for any client. A strong team of professional model bookers allow the right ‘look’ to be easily established, with this success being shown through the strong connections the agency has developed with the best of British brands. Leni’s often collaborates with some of the UK’s biggest advertising campaigns, providing models for commercials, catalogue, e-commerce and editorials. Perhaps the highlight of any model’s work is being booked for a London Fashion Week show. While model work is important to Leni’s, it is not the only way in which they can provide benefits to business. The company also represents the modern world of influencers, giving advice and guidance to those talented content creators Marvellous Model Management Dec19279 who names hold sway across the fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle sectors. Matching the right influencer to the right product can make an enormous difference to a business, and Leni’s is ideally equipped to ensure that all manner of collaborations can be accommodated. Whether a one-off post or taking the role as a brand ambassador, these people have the potential to be an amazing force that can make or break a new product. Having built a strong community, the future seems bright for Leni’s, and the team are looking for new ways in which they can expand over the next year and beyond. The focus for this year is on “Leni’s Learning”, which will take the form of a series of education workshops and an academy. Having gained an enviable amount of knowledge on how to work within the industry, this is Eleni’s way of sharing what she has learned with others. Echoing the very core of the business as it stands, these workshops will focus on how to put the minds of bodies of people first in an industry that is not naturally supportive of this approach. They will also cover the ways in which agencies can guide people through the areas of fitness, nutrition, healthy living and finance in order to best achieve long term success for all parties. It goes without saying that the team behind Leni’s have created something very special indeed, combining healthy bodies and good business sense. It’s an approach that makes sets this agency apart as a little different from the norm, but one that ensures its models have long and happy careers. Leni’s Agency pa@lenismodels.com www.lenisagency.com @lenisagency “Leni’s often collaborates with some of the UK’s biggest advertising campaigns, providing models for commercials, catalogue, e-commerce and editorials.”

13 | Q2 2020 When it comes to undertaking serious work on a property, it pays to find a company with an exceptional reputation. Previously recognised for excellence in 2018, as winner of the Award for Excellence in Turnkey Building Services – Kent, Oakmore Builders has once again secured victory in the UK Enterprise Awards 2019, named as Design/Build Firm of the Year 2019 - South East London. We profile the firm to find out more. Bromley-based Oakmore Builders have achieved great things in the last five years. Established by the brainchild of former apprentice, Lee Summers, the company has quickly grown into one of the major successes in the construction and design industry. Oakmore Builders has set itself apart as a market leader, with the projects that it undertakes excelling in every regard. It goes without saying that projects are always completed on time and on budget, but the commitment to quality means that the result towers over the competition. While specialising in stunning home extensions, Oakmore Builders has proven itself particularly adept at conversions, renovations and design and build projects. Over the years, the team Building Towards Success Dec19386 has developed the ability to perform quantifying, estimating, architectural work and surveying inhouse, ensuring all work is done to a consistent standard. This formidable skillset is just one of the many aspects that makes this business truly unique. The way in which the company operates means that clients are sure of an exceptional experience, drawing on transparency, integrity and value for money. Every part of a build is designed not only to meet the demands of modern construction, but to exceed the expectations of the end user in terms of finish. The team are so certain that they will provide the perfect product that customer service and after care are provided free of charge. The rapid growth of Oakmore Builders is a testament to the ambition and vision of Lee Summers who has made it his business to ensure that the stereotypes of cowboy builders has been swept aside. Thirty years of work in the industry has taught him the importance of quality above all else. It is not only his company’s work of an impeccable standard, but also the benefit of continual investment to ensure that it sustains the same impressive standard. Oakmore Builders is truly exceptional, drawing on an ambitious plan to provide the best of the best to clients. This is its commitment to excellence that not only sets the company apart from its competitors, but also places it in an amazing position for the future. Company: Oakmore Builders Limited Contact: Lee Summers Website: www.oakmorebuilders.com “Oakmore Builders is truly exceptional, drawing on an ambitious plan to provide the best of the best to clients. This is its commitment to excellence that not only sets the company apart from its competitors, but also places it in an amazing position for the future.”

Nov19581 Most Trusted Electrical Design & Installation Company 2019 Tel: 07767657372 www.gatewaycontrols.co.uk info@gatewaycontrols.co.uk Gateway House Buckie AB56 5BL Based in the North East of Scotland, the team at Gateway Control Systems are experts and specialists in process control and automation for all food and industrial uses. At Gateway Control Systems, we have unparalleled expertise in all types of industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic electrical and automation systems, inspections, testing and fault finding. Our team of highly skilled electricians and engineers undertake complete projects which range from consultancy and data acquisition to PLC and SCADA programming, telemetry and pneumatics. With over 40 years of experience, we are leaders in this specialised field and our ability to carry out everything from electrical installation and instrumentation to PLC and SCADA programming means we can meet all our customers process control and automation needs. Our services include: • System Integration • 24/7 Call out Service • PLC & SCADA programming • Inspection, testing and fault finding • Electrical Installation • Hazardous Area Systems • Heat Recovery Systems • Control panel manufacture • Bespoke solutions and Client Consultation Service • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) We can advise on the building of control panels, field wiring, electrical installations and all instrumentation to suit the customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on the high standard and quality of our work and we place a large level of importance on providing our customer with an individually tailored, quality service, delivered on time and on budget.

15 | Q2 2020 New virtual service to help South West businesses survive and thrive during lockdown. Inspire, a not for profit company that specialises in providing business support to ambitious SMEs in the South West, has launched a new virtual offering to help businesses survive and thrive during the current crisis. Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that 79% of responding businesses had applied for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and 28% of the workforce had been furloughed, while 42% of responding businesses had less than six months of cash reserves. To make it easier to access support, Inspire has undergone a digital transformation and launched a virtual offering, so businesses that are part of its membership can access a quick, easy, personal and bespoke service, to guide them through the changes and develop robust pandemic-exit strategies Inspire is also offering a free lockdown exit planning programme to existing and new members, funded by Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership. The free resource is available to any qualifying SME in the South West and includes: • Access to a series of webinars hosted by experts on topics which will form essential parts of an exit plan, such as planning your finances, growing through acquisition, revising your customer proposition to meet a changed world, getting your marketing right, and restructuring and motivating your team. • A one to one, virtual planning session with one of the Inspire team to pull all the elements of the plan together. This will include an industry impact analysis, defining the strategy, what to do next, and setting up a new economy initiative. Rob Perks, CEO of Inspire, comments, “Sadly, we expect many small businesses to struggle or even close completely in the coming weeks due to running out of cash or because their previous market is disappearing. We know some businesses have kept going relatively normally during the last few weeks, but some have not, and being ready to take advantage in a changed Thriving Despite Uncertain Times world will be challenging for many of us. “There is a lot of talk about how we as a society will exit lockdown. Shutting down was painful but relatively easy compared to getting fired back up again. We are focused on supporting businesses to create their own bespoke lockdown exit plan over the coming weeks, so they can fire up again and start rebuilding.” Crossover Technologies, a software provider that specialises in golf and sport retail technologies, has accessed support from Inspire during the COIVD-19 crisis. Claire Fraser, Managing Director at Crossover Technologies, said, “As you can imagine, it was a blow for us and our customers when they had to shut their doors due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We needed to make quick decisions and adjust our strategy, to protect both us and our customers. Inspire gave us one-to-one advice on how to tackle this challenge and were instrumental in picking apart government and bank guidance, to see what financial support was available to us. Even better was being able to pass this knowledge onto our own customers, to support them through this crisis.” Inspire has also created a 12-minute video to take businesses through where we are now with the economy and what the future is likely to hold. To find out more about Inspire’s new virtual services, and to join the 100 partners connecting through Inspire in the South West, please visit: www.inspirebiz.co.uk

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