Q2 2021

10 | Q2 2021 Apr21019 Recruitment Done Differently Based in Cardiff, RWR Recruitment is a boutique recruitment consultancy that has earned the title of Best Recruiting Firm. Operating within the UK, RWR offers both permanent and temporary recruiting solutions for businesses looking to hire staff in commercial or industrial sectors. RWR’s recruitment formula is like no other, enabling clients to save time, money and hire quality talent efficiently when working in partnership. The RWR brand oozes quality, a service offered by all staff members that is professional, personable, flexible, reliable and honest. Contactable and cooperative at all times, the firm is there for its clients when they need it most, and they are passionate about helping businesses grow and retain employees the right way. Whether businesses are looking to fill one vacancy or need to recruit an entire team, RWR’s wealth of experience, specialist approach and multitude of services on offer in industrial and commercial industries enables them to assist with the recruitment process efficiently from start to finish, including rigorous screening and creating the right short-list for the vacancy. RWR sees its clients as partners, so if it comes across a great opportunity for the client’s business, it will be sure to share it with them, and if the agency thinks that what their client is asking them to do isn’t the best way forward, it will always let them know. Benefits of a partnership with RWR will include as much support as is needed in the decision-making process, market advice, fast response to emerging issues and candidate support. Talent sourcing and engagement from RWR involves a dedicated sourcing consultant who has a good understanding of the client’s specification and business ethos, along with the use of advertising, branding, social media, talent communities, referrals and the firm’s own internal recruitment database that has been built through its network throughout a range of sectors to gain the best candidate reach across the UK. With communication via telephone and email available 24/7, clients can gain fast results. The firm’s managing director, Robyn Walters personally oversees all enquiries so that they are forwarded to the right team and they can make hires happen. RWR’s exclusive talent pool is created by expert advisors who headhunt for posts and network regularly to ensure the firm’s database holds quality up-to-date information. Additionally, RWR’s approach is more holistic than most agencies, with a unique algorithm that considers its clients’ culture, business models and plans. These are then matched to fit the best candidates possible. There is no doubt that the pandemic has impacted businesses in multiple ways, including recruitment. RWR has been working hard to keep recruitment processes moving, shifting in-person interviews to video calls, which as had a very positive outcome as many hires have been conducted this way and saved on time spent interviewing and scheduling. In terms of how RWR helps candidates, when they apply through the agency for a job role, the individual’s details are passed to the consultant who will actively search on their behalf for jobs that match their skillset, saving time spent job searching. RWR can also offer advice to candidates and suggest other opportunities that they may not have come across, as the firm is dealing with job searches every day and is first to know about the jobs that arise on the market. There is also a candidate app being launched which will give even faster and simpler access for people who are searching for a new role, as well as provide support for those who are unsuccessful following interview so that they can improve their technique. RWR’s services don’t stop at interview; the firm knows that candidates are its most valuable asset and works to support successful and unsuccessful candidates to make the most of the opportunities they have. Company: RWR Recruitment Contact: Robyn Walters Website: www.rwrrecruitment.co.uk