Q2 2021

11 | Q2 2021 Mar21499 Professional, Dependable, Reliable Since its inception in the early 2000s, Mativision’s next-level experience in livestreaming and ability to execute demanding projects has seen it designing and building technology for top companies and filming on-location for all kinds of different music performances, shows and events, crowning it London’s Best in VR Media Production. Mativision was ahead of the times when it started working with immersive media, VR and 360-video 20 years ago, while the rest of the world didn’t discover VR until 2015. The firm develops all its technology inhouse from scratch and every stage of production is executed using equipment that belongs to the firm or is of close co-operating companies with whom they have been working since the beginning. Mativision has been proudly involved in a list of different notable projects including MTV’s European Music Awards for four consecutive years, American Idol’s season 10 finale to 3.4 million viewers and Vodafone’s VOXI Network launch featuring Dua Lipa and Liam Payne, which registered one million views in just 30 minutes of streaming. With projects including developing its own 360-degree video players with features that were unique for many years, such as multi-camera selection in real-time by the viewer, the company has also created mobile and web-based apps, usually featuring 360-degree video, customised to the needs and uses of customers. These include the first ever web-based 360-degree video concert for Muse in 2010, downloaded by more than 350,000 people, and the first ever iPhone app featuring 360-degree interactive video in 2010 for Slash’s Apocalyptic Love album. It also produces mixed reality and augmented reality applications for Novartis and VR applications for Ogilvy, Samsung and many others. The innovative work doesn’t stop there; since 2016, Mativision has developed its own proprietary content streaming platform, branded VLIPP®, which it has been using as the core delivery of a series of services since then. Likewise, the implementation and launch of the VLIPPmed® Medical VR Content Platform was developed for use in medical training, with 100,000+ installations worldwide (available for free to iPhone and Android phones). Additionally, Mativision designs and implements web-based content distribution platforms such as www.rambert.org.uk/homestudio and also has extensive participation and contribution in front-line research and development projects, both in the UK and Europe, funded by the UK Government and the EU, in association with leading organisations and universities. This activity enables Mativision to remain at the forefront of technology. Mativision’s clients are usually global companies from a wide range of sectors. They come to Mativision because they wish to reach global audiences and the firm’s immersive content livestreaming capabilities are probably the only ones worldwide. So, among Mativision’s client list is global leaders such as FOX, for whom it initially produced So You Think You Can Dance in L.A. and the following year livestreamed American Idol’s finale. When Facebook wanted to livestream in 360-degree video for 18 hours straight from three different locations in Norway for the country’s constitution day celebrations, Mativision was the only firm worldwide who could do this and its VLIPP® streaming platform delivered the streams with no problem. When Google wanted to film a 24-hour tour from a van driving the Route One that takes you all the way around Iceland as a feature for the band Sigur Rós, Mativision was the only company worldwide who could record 360-degree video for an uninterrupted 24-hour time. Of course, others can do similar things today, but Mativision was almost ten years ahead of the rest. It was delivering 360-degree videos to iPhones when they could not even play YouTube videos, long before Android even came to be! In the words of a high-ranking person in the Digital Catapult, “Mativision is always there when you need them, and they always deliver.” In the past three years, through its involvement in 5G trials in the UK and Europe, the firm has 5G-enabled its proprietary immersive content distribution platform. Natural evolution for Mativision has been the 5G FESTIVAL, a front-line 5G-based project which brings together top-level partners like Digital Catapult, Warner Music Group, O2, Brighton Dome, Metropolis Studios, Audiotonix, Sonosphere and LiveFrom. 5G FESTIVAL, which recently received the Most Innovative Use of 5G trophy at the 5G Realised Awards, has the opportunity to develop and deliver a game-changing platform which will offer artists capabilities to create and produce music without the limitation of their location and deliver to audiences new, uniquely engaging ways to experience and interact with live performances. Company: Mativision Ltd Contact: Anthony Karydis Website: www.mativision.com “Mativision is always there when you need them, and they always deliver.”