Q2 2021

25 | Q2 2021 Apr21408 Located in the north east, Kathy Webb & Co specialises in family law and has a stellar reputation for excellence. Having recently been crowned Best Small Family Law Practice – North East, we take a look at what makes it stand out from the crowd. As the first Specialist Family Law Firm in Cleveland, Kathy Webb & Company continues to offer the residents of East Cleveland a comprehensive, local high level of service in the field. Over the years, the reputation of the firm has grown to the point where clients throughout the North East seek the firm out for assistance and representation. Committed to ‘Access to Justice’ for all, the firm works in partnership with the Legal Aid Agency to provide legal advice and assistance to clients where available. All families, regardless of their income or status, can find themselves involved in proceedings regarding their children or their relationship. Kathy Webb & Co is committed to helping its clients through these most difficult and emotional times and achieving the best outcome possible. Clients are offered direct, pragmatic, clear advice so they understand the options available to them and can decide what steps they wish to take. That advice is invaluable to helping clients focus on finding a path through what are often the most difficult and emotional of circumstances. The dedicated legal team is comprised of four solicitors who are committed to delivering a comprehensive solution to legal issues. With years of experience across a broad spectrum of family law, divorce law and in-house conveyancing matters, clients can rely on the solicitors at Kathy Webb & Co for legal advice when it matters most. The staff members pride themselves on building a friendly, professional and lasting relationship with all clients, providing the same exceptional standard of service and support from both the solicitors and support staff. The Principal of the firm, Carl Reed, has worked in Family Law for over 25 years and has been an accredited member of the Law Society Children Panel for more than 20 years. He has Best Small Family Law Practice – North East a strong reputation for representing parents faced with the intervention of Social Services in their family, along with representing children themselves in such circumstances. Carl is known for a direct and forthright approach and for robust representation of each client’s interests where necessary. Unafraid to tackle the most complex and difficult of matters and with a reputation for challenging legal authority, Carl has even injuncted the Home Secretary! Both Associate Nick Strong and Consultant Debra Simpson have vast experience in divorce/ cohabitee relationships and have strong reputations for guiding clients through the difficulty of separation and divorce. Gavin Cochrane and the newest team member, Laura Jayne McInness, are both experts at assisting in helping parents see their children, and in determining with which parent a child should reside. Laura has a particular interest in assisting vulnerable women who are subject to domestic abuse and works closely with a number of local women’s support groups. They, with the rest of the team at Kathy Webb, are dedicated to providing the very best in legal services for families throughout the North East. It is this dedication that has earned the firm its recent recognition at the Legal Awards 2021. Contact: Carl Reed/Louise Allamby Company: Kathy Webb Web Address: www.kathywebbsolicitors.co.uk ...committed to helping its clients through these most difficult and emotional times and achieving the best outcome possible.