Q2 2021

29 | Q2 2021 Mar21654 With its pioneering technology, its no wonder that Radio Commz UK is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in its market. We speak to the firm’s Managing Director following the firm’s recent receipt of the title for Best Radio Communications Product Provider 2021. Radio Commz UK Limited was founded in mid-2019, concentrating on the PoC (push to talk over cellular) market rather than the traditional two-way radio format. The future of IoT (Internet of Things) is groundbreaking and is now part of everyone’s life in one way or another. The global data market is becoming bigger and bigger, not only is it becoming bigger it is becoming cheaper for consumers. As Managing Director, Steven Moore, explains: “The coverage the PTT systems we provide our clients is unbeatable financially and practically. We have ended the need for Ofcom Licences, Distance Limits & expensive repeaters. So far, we have saved our clients well over £500,000 in Ofcom savings, repeater costs & maintenance costs.” The main challenge that Steven and the team at Radio Commz is facing is that only around 0.1% of the world population know what a PoC radio actually is. However, the majority of individuals know what a “walkie talkie” is. “Within that they automatically assume you get around one to three miles’ distance and if you want further distance it is going to be extremely expensive,” he says. “Our challenge is getting the message to new clients that those days are over thanks to Radio Commz UK and we are going to move forward together!” Radio Commz systems have opened doors to clients you would never expect would benefit from a two-way radio system. This is due to its “no distance limits”. “When we start by explaining the features what our systems have to clients, they automatically assume it is more expensive that a traditional system yet not only is ours dramatically cheaper it is packed with outstanding features.” Radio Commz is now becoming more established in the relatively new PoC industry. Its innovative SIM Critical® offering provides a European or world coverage data connection. Within the UK it has priority access in the event Radio GaGa! that a mast is congested, meaning its clients will not be affected, and the firm will also have access to the new masts created by EE for the new Emergency Services Network (ESN). Critical Commz® provides the firm’s PTT Software, and Critical View® provides 4G Body Cameras which stream live incidents direct to a control room. There is also Rapi-Deploy® which is a Solar Powered 4G PTZ Camera which can be mounted onto various surfaces within two minutes and camouflaged CCTV equipment - ideal for local authorities and building sites. Finally, there is the ground-breaking 4G Vehicle Light-bar which has seven fixed cameras and a PTZ which can be viewed live from a Control Room. It’s the first time ever a control room has the ultimate view of what is occurring live on the road, with staff even being able to control the PTZ remotely. The team at Radio Commz UK is excited for the future, as it knows that over the next 10 years the industry will only get better and better, and never regress. “We are ready to listen, learn and establish exactly what our clients want from us,” states Steven. “We constantly want to know what any new and existing clients want; this has been proven over the last two years. We have grown because we listen, adapt and provide outstanding customer service.” You can find Radio Commz UK and all of its equipment at the International Security Expo Event in September 2021. Contact: Steven Moore Company: Radio Commz UK Limited Web Address: www.radiocommz.co.uk