Q2 2021

31 | Q2 2021 Feb21398 The ‘Best Healthcare and Technology Company’ for the year of 2021, Solutions 4 Health has been supporting the NHS and providing communities across the country with much needed healthcare support. Undaunted by the onset of the pandemic and working harder than ever, this company has been continually striving to improve the accessibility of care for its end users. The mission statement of this business is, above all, to provide innovative and sustainable lifestyle and clinical services that improve healthcare for people all across the UK. Based in Reading, their business model focuses especially on helping those who experience inequitable health outcomes, striving to make access to good care easier for all as a result; supporting them to stay healthy, in work, and out of hospital. This includes the enrichment of life for those who live with chronic health conditions. Fundamentally, it seeks to go above and beyond just healthcare in its most basic form, instead prioritising human care and diligence towards its clients in order to lead by example in its industry. It also works to put healthcare at the heart of communities – in this way, it fosters mutual care and creates support networks that encourage better wellbeing across the board, efforts that have thrust Solutions 4 Health into the spotlight. An innovative company with big ideas, it has a passion and a track record for tackling health inequalities in an effective manner. This has earned it significant credibility in its industry and with its client base as it can show by its past work the truth of its ‘people first’ mentality. In addition, it has made itself a one stop solution for commissioners who are accountable for outcome-focused integrated public health services, especially those that are seeking to use the successful integration of healthcare and technology. Solutions 4 Health, therefore, works in tandem with such professionals to capture referrals from all sources; it undertakes assessments and uses motivational interview techniques, able to produce bespoke performance analysis from this work. These findings are invaluable to healthcare professionals. Furthermore, Solutions 4 Health is a transformative health service in that it strives to best meet the needs of the population it serves, working with developments and the shifting The Company Improving Accessibility in Healthcare paradigms of the population and of the wider industry. It has thusly successfully incorporated a variety of public health programmes in communities all over the UK, in consultation with staff and local commissioners, producing innovative and friendly ways to maintain public health. At present, it provides over 20 different services to more than 100,000 members of the public annually. It also employs more than 300 healthcare staff, including a number of doctors and nurses, more than 60% of which have TUPE’d from the NHS itself, keeping their terms and conditions intact as they carry their work over to Solutions 4 Health. On a national scale, it is currently working with 15 different councils to deliver integrated lifestyle services, as well as sexual health services, adult and child weight management programmes, children’s lifestyle services in schools, falls prevention, NHS health checks, support for those who wish to quit smoking, clinical services for tier 3 weight management, and all-new information systems and technology services. trained, with education from the Stanford School of Medicine. It also supported communities by providing lateral flow tests from December of 2020, alleviating some pressure from the NHS during the winter of the pandemic. Lastly, it provides a InterpretersLive! Service for the hard of hearing, and moving forward, will be continuing its work in partnership with Frimley CCG to deliver Covid-19 vaccinations to targeted members of the Slough community, which started in May of this year. Experts in its field, highly technologically adept, and with a dedication to positive change, Solutions 4 Health’s work shows no signs of slowing as it continually improves health service across the UK, stepping up to the plate to help meet rising demand. Contact: Sara Bambrough Website: www.solutions4health.co.uk Fundamentally, it seeks to go above and beyond just healthcare in its most basic form, instead prioritising human care and diligence towards its clients in order to lead by example in its industry. Its chronic disease self-management courses are also being delivered across the UK at present, and its healthcare team taking care of this are highly