Q2 2021

Q2 2021 | 33 The company’s diverse team consists of experts, industry specialists, and trade and investment analysts, providing clients with actionable macro and micro insights, from trade and investment processes to protocols and regulation. It assists small and big businesses to navigate complex international markets and makes it easier for them to go global. At the same time, its advice, contacts and support at every step of its process reduce the commercial risk of exporting to global markets. Another service provided by Affirm is covering clients’ entire relocation journeys, from moving, destination services, and immigration, through to full assignment management solutions. Its core competence is providing services that help corporations and their employees relocate and settle in a new country. These services are delivered to a consistently high standard, locally and globally, and are managed through the company’s own operations around the world. For SMEs who are looking for potential agents, distributors or other strategic partners overseas, Affirm can save them valuable time and money by identifying prospects that match their needs without have to travel to the market. It provides South African companies with a list of up to five partners/distributors that have expressed an interest in their goods/services. This service includes identification and outreach to potential matching firms, sending client’s information to identified matching firms, preparing a profile of interested firms, and providing a report with the profile and contact information for interested firms. With Affirm’s international network, knowledge of local markets and contacts with various exporters, its experts can help clients to source the right products or services abroad. Its main concern is that the client gets the products or services that they need, in line with proper conditions and with reputable parties. Therefore, it starts by defining the type of manufacturer or service provider they are looking for. It also makes an estimate of the purchasing volume and duration of the sourcing contract and lists what the client wants to know about the offerings to base their decision on. If they already have a country in mind from which they want to source, the company will start there. If not, it will look with the client, based on wage levels, trading data and proximity to identify the best country to start with. Once it is clear on the client’s requirements, Affirm will refer them to colleagues in the focus countries who will check their network, approach companies and see whether they are interested to provide more information or make a bid. Appointments will be made with these short-listed companies and a representative from Affirm will join the client for these video conference calls, helping the client during the meetings and trying to optimise the communication between the client and the vendors. Once the client has found their business partner in the sourcing country, Affirm experts can act as a local extension of their team, working part-time for their company, and keeping in close contact with them. It can represent them, take care of proper communication, monitor their business partners on the ground and do troubleshooting. It can support the client in vendor (re) negotiations, local checks and resolving shipping and customs clearance issues. Overall, Affirm’s team is passionate about supporting businesses across the globe, with its staff feeling strongly about making a difference to each business it helps and to the UK and South African economies. It values the opportunity to work with colleagues from a rich variety of cultures, nationalities and places, while seeking more skilled, enthusiastic people from around the world to join its team in promoting South Africa export industries and attracting overseas investment to South Africa projects. Company: Affirm Trade & Invest Contact: Natasha Mlotshwa Website: affirmtrade-invest.co.uk A Truly International, Affiliated Network