Q2 2021

34 | Q2 2021 Apr21863 Best Wills & Probate Law Firm - West Midlands A firm dedicated to bettering itself and with a plan to increase the breadth and depth of its services even further, MAG Solicitors has made itself a widely trusted legal provider for its region. Having overcome much of the tumult of the pandemic, it plans to continue supporting its client base with a loyalty and tenacity that is hard to rival. MAG Solicitors is a law firm providing personal and professional services to its clients, nestled in the heart of the West Midlands. Above all, it seeks to provide support across a variety of specialisms and legal challenges that a client might face, from wills to probate, and power of attorney to conveyancing. Its services are all fixed fee, too; this reassures MAG Solicitors clients that they will encounter no hidden costs along the way, instead promising them reliability, trustworthiness, and effectiveness in its work. Consequentially, its clients often go away not just completely satisfied, but eager to recommend MAG Solicitors to friends, family, and co-workers. It is due to this that MAG Solicitors has been able to enjoy a kind of naturalistic growth, with clients coming to it by way of word of mouth referrals and other such reviews. It values each one greatly, thanking its customers past and present for the positivity, and happy to say that many of them go on to use it as their go-to legal firm. Nominally, MAG Solicitors has earned such loyalty from its customer base by first being loyal to them – it appreciates the demands on one’s time that the modern world puts upon everyone, and so understands that normal office hours simply don’t work for some people. In response to this, it provides out-of-hours appointments through telephone, skype, or home visits, at no additional cost to the client, to ensure that everyone has access to exemplary legal services no matter what the hustle and bustle of their daily life is. Being a small business, it has an opportunity unlike many big firms in that it can take time with every single client. Therefore, it reassures each person who walks through its doors that they matter, going above and beyond in every case in order to resolve it in a satisfactory manner that keeps the individual’s needs as the foremost concern. Its success has also been dependent massively on the excellent of its staff. MAG Solicitors, therefore, appreciates each one of them for their staunch dedication to the provision of the best services and their care for the clients, forming a team that is willing to go above and beyond to be the most outstanding law firm in its region. Its team stay in close contact with clients throughout the process, ensuring that they can reach the firm quickly and easily in order to talk to a friendly, knowledgeable member of staff. Internally, this atmosphere of reliability and support is also cultivated behind the scenes, as its team all work flexibly in an encouraging environment wherein each voice is heard, and each perspective is valued. MAG Solicitors is aware of the additional stressors that law as a profession can put upon someone, and so puts emphasis on ensuring everyone maintains a healthy work-life balance to combat this. Of course, during the pandemic, the challenges to every company have been myriad and varied; MAG Solicitors was no different. However, it has ensured that throughout the course of the outbreak, the quality of its services has not suffered – maintaining its commitment to good communication both internally and with its clients, it has been and will be continuing its exemplary work long into the future. As a consequence, it is confident that the rest of 2021 will see its firm continue to go from strength to strength, supporting its team in exploring their own personal growth as they embark on additional training in the Notary Public field. Contact: Marguerita Reardon Website: magsolicitors.co.uk