Q2 2021

36 | Q2 2021 Jun21189 ‘Quality Over Quantity’ A leading innovative recruitment agency of Leicestershire, Regional Recruitment Services is winner of the Best Recruitment Agency, 2021 – Leicester. We find out more from CEO, Zaka Ullah. Established in 2008, Regional Recruitment Services is a Leicester and Leeds based, next-generation recruitment agency with international reach, specialist expertise, and an award-winning reputation. The agency offers recruitment solutions on a temporary, permanent and contract basis across four sectors: Construction, Commercial, Industrial and Technical & Engineering, within which, Regional Recruitment covers every business function and sub-sector. Additionally, the agency is one of the few GLAA licensed agencies, enabling it to operate within the production and handling of fresh food as well. Regional Recruitment works with a variety of employers and job seekers, offering a range of services that are tailored to the diverse needs of its clients. For potential candidates, the agency is able to provide support with job searching and candidate preparation (CV Writing and Interview Technique). For employers, Regional Recruitment Services seeks to become long-term partners, rather than just a quick sale agency. So approaches employers transparently and honestly to provide services such as candidate attraction, applicant assessment, onboarding and retention. From its high-calibre search and attraction strategies; to its significant investments in technology that boosts client engagement and streamlines the recruitment process like the two-way video interviewing tool, Hinterview; to its position as best-rated agency of the East Midlands that ensures formidable candidate attraction and retention, Regional Recruitment’s key attributes are some of its most significant selling points. Chief among them, however, is its personal approach to customer service. “As an agency, we really embody the term ‘quality over quantity’,” says Zaka Ullah. “So, one of our core principles is to be ‘People Centric’, as it is important to place people at the centre of what we do. We do this to understand their challenges, aspirations and requirements, which enables us to find the right solution for their needs. Whilst this value has not changed since our establishment, we continue to evolve to the need of our changing environment.” Client-centricity consequently exists alongside values like diligence, energy, and collaboration which are sought out in new members of the team. Aside from these however, every team member of Regional Recruitment is truly individual: “We are a unique group of people that have come from all walks of life,” Zaka proudly explains. “Our diversity is one of the aspects that sets us apart from other recruitment agencies, as it gives us a range of perspectives and experiences to draw from, helping us to proactively tackle challenges and provide new insight to our customers.” What’s more, Regional Recruitment’s multilingual account management team ensures the firm has access to wider communities, being able to support customers in English, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Bengali, Urdu and Hindi. In order to maintain its open and honest culture that distinctly contrasts the typically ‘cut-throat’ and aggressive stereotype of the industry, Regional Recruitment has varied training sessions, group meetings that keep everyone on the same page and holds regular activities to reduce stress in the business. “Yes, we have a sales focus,” Zaka expands, “but it is implemented in a way to be fun, rewarding and an opportunity to learn from one another. We achieve this is in the form of a companywide sales league or booster sessions, and all end with the opportunity to spin our prize wheel!” Like many businesses, Regional Recruitment had to adapt to the many impacts of Covid-19, beginning by scrapping its charges so that businesses could continue to benefit from its solutions with no cost, thereby keeping 90% of its temporary workforce during the initial stages of lockdown. Fortunately, the firm had already invested in innovative digital solutions that enabled agency workers to be registered so that they were fully compliant with UK legislation, as well as state-of-the-art video programmes to support interviewing to ensure continuity amidst the changeability of the pandemic. Regional Recruitment is today one of three finalists for the LeicestershireLive Business Awards: Employer of the year 2020/21 and among the top three recommended recruitment agencies in Leicester, having received the Three Best Rated recognition for 2019, 2020 and 2021. Now, Regional Recruitment is able to add the title of Best Recruitment Agency, 2021 – Leicester to its roster of accolades, following its success at the SME Business Elite Awards 2021. As for the future, it is an exciting time for Regional Recruitment as it moves into a larger office that is more in keeping with the ‘open-plan’ culture of the firm, with ambitions to open in new locations and operate in new sectors, while becoming refined to deliver more specialist recruitment support. “We foresee our business adapting to the changes and growing further with the support of our team, customers and wider community,” Zaka concludes. “COVID may have posed new challenges, but they are challenges that we have overcome to become stronger.” Contact: Zaka Ullah Company: Regional Recruitment Services Ltd Web Address: regionalrecruitment.co.uk