Q2 2021

41 | Q2 2021 Mar21382 3 Pillars Financial Planning (3PFP) is a specialist financial protection firm, helping individuals and businesses protect what matters. To understand its vision, think of the once great temples across the world that now lie in ruins: from Edinburgh to Rome to Athens, the one thing that is usually still standing are the pillars! The firm’s aim is to ensure that everyone has their own pillars in place so that when “life just happens”, they have something to rely on in their time of need by utilising the 3 pillars of protection: income, health and life. The firm helps clients establish their protection needs by providing all information needed to make informed choices, without obligation or cost. Recognised as the Most Reputable Financial Planning and Protection Advisory 2021 – Edinburgh by SME News, we profile the company to explore how it achieved this. With an approach to advice that is authentic, honest and most importantly personal, the client journey is not about product or provider, but wholly about individual needs. 3PFP’s aim is to change the way that insurance advice is perceived by providing access to specialist advice for everyone so that individuals, families, key people and businesses can have the opportunity to put the right protection in place for the right reasons. It believes that financial protection could be the most important purchase a person could make, therefore it deserves an individual approach each and every time. 3PFP will support and help any individual or business to put in place the appropriate protection for their bespoke needs. It supports businesses no matter their size, whether they have one or 1,000 staff, and from all walks of life; people with all different types of jobs, including those deemed to be specialised and/ or dangerous, and also those that have the role of raising a family and keeping a home. 3PFP also provides access to advice to those who have complicated medical histories and/or been declined insurance previously to ensure everyone has the opportunity to protect what matters to them most. Its unique client journey across the 3 pillars of protection is the real differential which enables clients the opportunity to explore needs in an easy to understand way. By ensuring that it discusses needs across the income, health and life pillars, clients will understand fully what any plan or policy is designed to do, the need that it covers, and why it’s relevant to their individual needs, a journey that ensures everyone is 3 Pillars of Financial Protection educated on not only the need for protection but why it matters to them personally. The firm’s team members are key to its continuing success, as it is only as good as the sum of all its parts! With varying life and industry experience and expertise, they, as a group, continually assist and support each other, working together as a unit to ensure everyone has what they need to help any and all clients. 3PFP looks for people who want to educate, want to support and want to inform clients without pressure by following a tried and tested client journey that will ensure clients are at the heart of everything it does. The right people for 3PFP are those that have a passion for helping people, for being brave and those that don’t shy away from the toughest of conversations; after all, if the worst was to happen to a client or their family, they can only say one of three things: “I’m glad I took your advice”, “I wish I had taken your advice”, or “Why didn’t you tell me?” – 3PFP will never hear the last one from its clients. Its role is to inform and allow everyone to make informed choices. COVID-19 has arguably made the need for the right financial protection more important than ever before. 3PFP’s belief is that people are definitely more conscious of the need, however, don’t know where to go or who to speak to in order to ensure they get “real advice”. A clear challenge is not being represented by those firms that “sell by volume” and “on cost” and who utilise a fear factor in promoting the need for relevant insurance. A fear factor that the pandemic has enabled. 3PFP’s plan for 2021 and beyond is to continue to service any and all clients who wish to have specialist advice provided without pressure or obligation. To engage with those that have never sought advice and with those that believe they already have the “right” protection in place as regular reviews of personal or business circumstances is key to ensuring the protection stays “right”. The firm wants to grow so that it can provide a wider exposure to its expertise, however that will only be done with the right people, and if the right people are not forthcoming, it will continue on its journey and work as hard as it can to help people protect what matters. Company: 3 Pillars Financial Planning Contact: Marcus Speirs Website: www.3pfp.life 3PFP’s plan for 2021 and beyond is to continue to service any and all clients who wish to have specialist advice provided without pressure or obligation