Q2 2021

57 | Q2 2021 Nov20213 The COVID-19 pandemic has made the importance of good, thorough and regular cleaning clear, and no business has risen to the challenge involved with the gusto of the team at A-one Cleaning Services Ltd. Named Best Family-Run Commercial Cleaning Company – Derbyshire alongside winning the Excellence Award for Virus Decontamination Services 2020 in the Midland Enterprise Awards 2020, we thought it was time to take a look and see what secrets lie behind the team’s success. The cleaning industry was one of the many sectors of the economy that was forced to change virtually overnight. Whereas before the pandemic, they were a service that was important to businesses, they quickly became an essential service that was vital to the smooth operation of organisations across the Midlands. A rapid reaction to these unprecedented events was key to securing success, and that’s precisely what ensured that A-one Cleaning Services was at the forefront of the fightback against COVID-19. The team saw a world that became afraid of infection overnight, and knew that there was a way in which they could help to ensure that business kept on moving. With thirty years of expertise in the industry behind them, this small family business invested in the technology needed to make a real difference to their clients. The investment came in the form of a state-ofthe-art fogging machine, which allowed the team to offer a daily virus decontamination service. This protected many businesses that couldn’t afford to shut during the pandemic by ensuring that the workplaces needed were safe to use. To provide a degree of security on all sides, the A-one Cleaning Services team have been fully trained and certified by the British Window Cleaning Academy. The Thermo Fogger is an essential system for sanitising internal and external services, but it also offers extra protection and prevention against bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other organisms. When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, the small nature of the company meant that the team were quickly fighting against the odds. Many staff were furloughed as the leadership team worked out how best to respond to the crisis. In short order, the team had come up with a plan to react to this rapidly changing situation. The team have worked tirelessly to tackle the spread Cleaning Company Help Tackle Coronavirus of positive cases across the country, particularly in train stations. Their work has seen them called out countless times, to emergency cases, and A-one Cleaning Services has always been able to respond. Going forward clients have invested in this service by signing up to a monthly sanitising/ fogging treatment for their peace of mind alongside their usual cleaning service. A-one have built up the Machine Division by investing in state-of-the art equipment and staff training to ensure we support all our clients cleaning and maintenance needs. The thermo foggier was a much-needed addition to a-one’s Machine Division. Needless to say, the double-awards win of A-one Cleaning Services reflects their incredible achievements throughout the pandemic. While 2020 was an enormous challenge, it is one which the team rose to with vigour and has brought them incredible plaudits. Needless to say, the success of the last year has brought them a new host of customers for them to work alongside for years to come. Company: A-one Cleaning Services Ltd Email: info@a-oneclean.com Website: www.a-oneclean.com