Q2 2021

60 | Q2 2021 May21069 Ones to Watch in Commercial Litigation 2021 Having experienced an expansion that shows no signs of slowing since an acquisition last year, Astraea Legal has been on the up and up. Emphasising its own internal development and focusing on being the support for those who need it most, it has cultivated a healthy and fast-growing pool of local, national, and international clients. Working within the busy sector of criminal and commercial litigation, but with boutique, specialist skills that set it apart from the crowd, Astraea Legal has begun its rapid climb to the top. As a further catalyst to this expansion, last year in October Astraea acquired the exemplary, long-established Liverpool firm Linskills – this spurred on subsequent growth that resulted in it growing from a staff of 7 to 24 in just 7 months. Whilst quick, Astraea was also careful to ensure this growth was scalable. Fundamentally, as a new generation of law firm, it has witnessed case loads across all departments increasing in excess of 100% over this time; and all the while it has been adapting its business to cope accordingly, as well as handling the pandemic restrictions and lockdown guidelines as they came out. By investing in technology and COVID safe operational practices that ensured interruption was minimal and business was as profitable as ever, it could reassure clients they would remain satisfied with their services and keep their confidence. This steadfast support from its customer base has allowed it to flourish, with maximised representation and delivery across the board. Furthermore, since its founding in 2016 by Nama Zarroug, it has been joined by several other leading minds in the legal field – Matt Reynolds as a Director in 2017, with James Roochove and Sara Perischine joining the board soon thereafter – alongside several other hand-picked team members that today form an outstanding collection of legal professionals. The benefit to such a group, is the breadth and depth of expertise that each person brings to the table. Astraea services clients across multiple different scales; locally, nationally, and internationally, and it is the excellence of its team that allows it to be able to do so effectively. It handles all aspects of regulatory investigations, criminal law, civil and commercial litigation; and even everything from commercial property law to the familial, electoral, welfare benefit, motoring, and licensing fields. When the founder acquired Linskills, it could not have anticipated the expansion that would follow. The founder counts this amongst one of the pleasantly surprising opportunities of the last few months, one that has allowed it to triple its team, more than double its reach and case load across its Liverpool and London offices, and put new practices in place to allow teams to work remotely and effectively. Therefore, Astraea is supremely proud of how its team has handled the pandemic. The stressors associated with the disaster have of course been felt across the industry, from couple dispute resolution to family courts. Sadly, there has also been a raise in domestic violence cases and other such domestic issues, and so it has been working tirelessly in order to step up to the plate and aid the victims of such situations, so that they can find safety. Matt Reynolds, Director at Astraea, commented on how proud he personally is of every single department under the firm’s employ. Furthermore, he wished to give special mention to its commercial litigation team, who recently won this legal industry award for their inexhaustible efforts and ceaseless tenacity. Additionally, James Roochove has been taking on increasing landmark cases, such as one with international fashion brand Hugo Boss. Capitalising on its recent Capitalising on its recent successes and looking forward to what work it will be able to take on next, Astraea will be continuing its current trajectory, blazing its trail to the top of its industry. successes and looking forward to what work it will be able to take on next, Astraea will be continuing its current trajectory, blazing its trail to the top of its industry. Company: Astraea Legal Contact: Nama Zarroug Website: astraealegal.com