Q2 2021

63 | Q2 2021 In an industry still holding to traditional ways of working for the most part, The Partnership is championing a new way of serving the real estate market. Focusing on new homeowners specifically, its technologically forward-thinking platform and other solutions are quickly bringing its sector into the future, causing an impact being felt all across its region. A leading independent residential conveyancing provider targeting the first-time buyer market in London and the South East, The Partnership has made a name for itself in the first-time buyer market. Over time, it has become highly proficient in serving this market segment, acknowledging how difficult such a thing can be for those trying to find their first home – these efforts have secured it notoriety as an award winner company. Nowadays, it is the widely recognised leader in technological innovation in its field, integrated with a modern approach to customer service, security, and legal expertise. The Partnership lives up to its name when it comes to its customer service. It seeks to allow its clients to navigate the real estate market quickly and easily, and with the help of The Partnership behind them every step of the way they benefit from increased security against the potential risk of fraud. Nominally, it offers a range of services related to property transactions in and around the London area, providing its clients with an overview of their transaction through The Partnership Client Portal, which is an aspect where the uniqueness of its services truly shines. This highly intuitive and user-friendly platform it has created makes both updates and information finding easier than ever before for its users. Furthermore, The Partnership always assigns two lawyers to each case so that a client always has someone available to talk to them, lending them the peace of mind and expert advice needed to find the home that’s right for them. It accredits its success largely to its people; each one of them experts in their fields and highly knowledgeable when it comes to real estate in London, able to extend The Partnership’s internal culture of respect, happiness, and balance out to its clients. The Partnership only recruits the best candidates when it is hiring. Fundamentally, it focusses on expertise and attitude, recruiting across a wide variety of roles from legal to Property Solicitors of the Year - South East Apr21644 service, and from sales to IT. It oversees the vetting and onboarding process closely to ensure that the potential new hire will fit in with the team, ensuring that they possess the same critical eye for detail that The Partnership prides itself on when doing their work – it believes that in real estate, even the most minute detail is important to provide brilliant service. With the employment market being made difficult by Covid-19, as well as the new shift to remote work, its reliance on its team has been more important than ever as it strives to pull through the trials whilst still serving clients effectively. However, it succeeded, and was able to continue to deliver exemplary service and achieve new customers through word of mouth referral. Going forward, The Partnership has a multitude of plans to drive its business further forward towards greater success; with the increased use of data in business, it will be stepping up to serve this market with its online enquiry system and believes this will be a game changer. It will also be working on increasing the efficiency of its onboarding, making its goal of bringing ‘straight through processing’ to conveyancing even closer to being realised. With all the good work it has been doing and many more plans in motion, it will continue its growth into the new-build market, capitalising on significant opportunities as it and other technology-enabled law firms slowly become the future of its industry. Company: The Partnership Contact: Peter Ambrose Website: thepartnershiplimited.com Email: info@thepartnershiplimited.com The Partnership prides itself on when doing their work – it believes that in real estate, even the most minute detail is important to provide brilliant service. In addition, once a person is on the team, they can rely on The Partnership to provide them with a supportive working atmosphere. It is highly protective of its colleagues, using a bespoke case management system to keep track of workload and taking any concerns, comments, or complaints very seriously.