Q2 2022

24 | Q2 2022 Mar22728 Waste Management MD of the Year 2022 (North West): Josh White Waste Wave Ltd is a family-owned hazardous waste disposal company specialising in difficult waste from asbestos through to chemicals. The company is led by down-to-earth managing director, Josh White who doesn’t see himself as above any job, whether driving trucks or dealing with clients. In light of his success within the Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022, we take a closer look at what makes Josh an award winner. Since 2016, Waste Wave has been providing quality services to clients by delivering the professional care they deserve. Believing that great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, Waste Wave puts so much consideration into selecting only the best to join its team. The team goes above and beyond to complete projects efficiently and on schedule, and to form lasting relationships with clients. Waste Wave is a company committed to delivering cost-effective, legally-compliant environmental waste management services, tailored to meet its customers’ needs. With its location in Kenyon, Cheshire, the company is able to cater for customers across a large area, from the south of Scotland to Northampton and across to the east coast. The location also helps because it means that disposal sites are never far away. Among its services, Waste Wave operates a fully licensed asbestos transfer station which is fully open to the public and companies, guaranteeing the best price to get rid of asbestos waste. There is also an array of skips available to choose from, ranging from chain lift skips to roll on roll off open and sealed. Waste Wave invests in its skips regularly to make sure they are in the best condition possible, with 12 YRD enclosed to 40 YRD enclosed skips available, as well as open top skips available on request. Additionally, the company can help with just the haulage of any type of skip. Another service provided includes the operation of articulated lorries for all kinds of hazardous disposal, from chemicals to palletised waste for HTI. The main goal for Waste Wave is to provide the best service possible without breaking the bank for the client. This comes with core values of always putting the customer first, and always doing the best it can for them, whatever the project may be. Waste Wave has always been very service oriented ever since day one, separating it from the pack. And Josh believes that separating itself from competitors “is what makes business so fun”. Josh leads his team at Waste Wave in a way that is very simple and relaxed, just as long as the work gets done. If there are any issues, then Josh likes to find out what, why and how and then come up with a solution to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Everyone is clear on the company’s vision, with the team being all family, apart from one person – all striving towards the same goal. And when it comes to recruiting new team members, Josh always looks for a real gogetter, someone who can think for themselves, and who will treat the vehicles as their own. This is what makes a real difference because when staff look after the vehicles, there aren’t anywhere near as many breakdowns, which is cost saving – So taking that extra bit of time to find the right person matters. Speaking about his role as managing director, Josh tells us, “Even though I’m the director, I also drive the trucks, speak to the clients, and price work. I don’t have any experience of being a director, so this is the joy for me as I’m always learning.” So, how can people emulate Josh’s success? He shares, “The advice that I would give people is resilience is key; never give up and always make sure you stand out from the crowd.” Now, Waste Wave continues to grow with more customers coming on board for different reasons, causing it to get bigger by demand and better as a result. The covid-19 pandemic actually had a silver lining of helping this growth, giving the company a separate opportunity to get involved with moving covid waste out of Alderhey Children’s Hospital. With regards to getting through what was a very difficult period for many, Waste Wave didn’t struggle much due to the nature of the business – hazardous waste still needed to be disposed of. With the focus now on the future, Josh comments, “I’m always one to have my cards close to my chest, so I don’t want to say too much, but I/we as a family have big plans for the company.” Watch this space! Company: Waste Wave Ltd Contact: Josh White Email: josh.wastewave@gmail.com Website: www.wastewave.co.uk Since 2016, Waste Wave has been providing quality services to clients by delivering the professional care they deserve.