Q2 2022

26 | Q2 2022 Mar22641 - 22 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 Equestrian Managing Director of the Year, Alex Maclean, runs Macleans of London, a company built on the pillars of honesty, confidentiality, and professionalism, all while being extremely personable. Making decisions that are in the best interest of clients regardless of if they are in the best interest of the company sets Macleans of London apart from its competitors. Acting as a global broker in the sale of competition horses, Macleans of London (Macleans) works with a range of high-profile clients to purchase show jumping horses. The majority of Macleans’ client base consists of ‘professional amateurs’ – meaning that although their client’s primary source of income does not usually come from their equestrian interests, the level at which they compete is amongst the professionals. Clients explain to Alex exactly what is required in a horse. Then, they are presented with a selection that meets or exceeds their criteria. In order to create a successful business, Alex asked himself one founding question, “How would I want this done?” The answer is simple in what Alex provides as a person and a business, stating, “The services we provide or arrange either in-house or through one of our partners are reasonably limitless and are always carried out to the highest of standards. As standard, we can advise on partnership suitability and the necessary budget to meet the clients’ expectations, and depending on what the client is looking for, we can provide a professional rider to trial the horse on their behalf, arrange independent inspections of the horse by various experts, arrange insurance and arrange transport to the clients’ desired location after purchase.” At Macleans, the business is readily transparent with the vast amount of available information and frequently uses that information to advise clients against purchase. “Whilst there is a vast amount of information available for every competitive horse, it is not centralised and oftentimes it is not easily available even if you know where to find it. Sellers are relied upon to disclose much of the information that exists which isn’t safe enough for my liking. Our philosophy is that there is always another horse, and it’s better to walk away if the client or we are not 99% sure that their new horse will be a suitable match. I am strongly against ‘hard selling’ so if it doesn’t feel right, let’s find one that does,” adds Alex. Because of this, Macleans focuses solely on the Equestrian MD of the Year 2022: Alex Maclean pairing of its client’s purchase and less on the effects it may or may not have on the company as a whole. To them, a perfect match is better than any number of half-hearted sales. Moreover, Macleans is reputable amongst others in the industry because it incorporates luxury into what is traditionally viewed as a formal approach. Alex expands on this statement by saying, “Many individuals engage an agent/ broker with no formal agreement, and all too often they may not have even met. Our clients are welcomed and encouraged to meet with us and in any case are sent a welcome pack that, most importantly, contains our terms and conditions of business – these set out our expectations and the expectations our clients can have of us. There is no room for interpretation or doubt on either side, and everyone always knows where they stand,” showcasing the level of care, transparency, attention to detail, and professionalism that Macleans has for their clients, the industry, and the business. Macleans provides its clients with access to a concierge service delivered by one of its partners. To date, the service has organised some once in a lifetime experiences including helicopter tours of London, personal shopping trips, private dining with Michelin starred chefs to hot air balloon rides and even country-specific experiences such as winemaking in a Spanish vineyard, safari days in South Africa, and visiting the great wall of China. “People don’t just come to us to find them a horse; they come to us for a whole experience in finding a horse,” adds Alex. Alex’s success has been great for being relatively young in himself and in the industry. However, Alex shares some personal thoughts on his greatness, saying, “People are making far more money than me in this industry – one thing I would always bear in mind is that hard work does not necessarily equal great success. Horses are living animals prone to injury, so a lot of luck is also required in achieving success. It will never not be disappointing that those who are prepared to be economical with the truth are so often rewarded financially in this unregulated industry.” Alex is humble and excited to announce the newest plans for his business soon, which he hopes will have a broader effect on the whole industry for the better, such as national and international partnerships with brands that collectively have a similar ethos to that of Macleans. Established as the Equestrian MD of the Year, Alex Maclean is shaking up the industry, hurdle after hurdle. Company: Macleans of London Ltd Name: Alex Maclean Email: alex@macleansoflondon.co.uk Web Address: www.macleansoflondon.co.uk