Q2 2022

38 | Q2 2022 Mar22455 Most Outstanding Carbon Monoxide and Domestic Fire Protection Company, 2022 - United Kingdom Manufacturing in Ireland and a part of the Ei Company, Aico stands as an industry leader for home life safety. Its extensive inventory of cutting-edge equipment is innovative, outstanding, and award-worthy. So, in this article, we’ll explore exactly what makes it worthy of the Most Outstanding Carbon Monoxide and Domestic Fire Protection Company award. Incorporated in 1990, Aico has risen to be the European Market Leader in Home Life Safety over its 30+ year history. The sheer scale of its 7-acre headquarters should stand as a testament to its continued growth and success, as well as the continued expansion in its team and operations across the UK. “The leader in home life safety, promoting best practice, engaging with our communities and delivering safer homes” is the mission statement and Aico’s close work and relations with Housing Associations, Local Authorities, and Registered Social Landlords are a clear indication of its commitment to that mission. Products on offer include a plethora of battery and mains-powered devices: Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Environmental Sensors and more. Aico has exceled in its field and it has innovated its products to ensure everything is fit for purpose in this modern age. Making homes safer is Aico’s primary aim. That doesn’t just mean creating the right safety products and promoting best practices – it involves a dedication to raising awareness of the dangers and actively educating communities and partners. A manifestation of the company’s continued dedication to education is its apprenticeship scheme, further uniting with schools to provide tangible opportunities and knowledge. Around 20% of Aico employees are Apprentices or have completed apprenticeships. With all the current management team being promoted from within, almost 20% of employees have been with the company between 10-27 years. Aico takes education seriously, ensuring that its colleagues are well trained and given the opportunity to learn and develop on the job – and they can benefit from that expertise in their career. Additionally, it launched the Expert Installer training programme for electrical contractors. Accredited by the Fire Industry Association, Aico seeks to promote the best practices. 2018 saw the launch of ‘Aico in the Community,’ developed to help schools, colleges, charities, and community organisations achieve their goals and build a sustainable future. Education is very important, especially for Aico, but their high-quality products are just as instrumental to their growth and approach to safety. To ensure the alarms and sensors are of the highest possible standard, they are individually and thoroughly tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they are fit for purpose. Additionally, there are the Technical Support and the Internal Sales teams, working to provide seamless and excellent support over the phone, email, video call and live chat. Much of their workforce is sourced from the local area, one of many ways Aico supports its local community whilst also abiding by their ideal positive company culture. This positive culture seeks to make Aico a place that is safe for all to work and perform in, where colleagues can collaborate and support one another to collectively reach results and deliver high-quality service. A key to Aico’s innovation and expansion is surely its acquisition of HomeLINK, a leading provider of Internet of Things solutions. An expansion into smart technologies and analytics and complementing their robust devices and services. The SmartLINK Gateway, HomeLINK Environmental Sensors, and the associated HomeLINK App for Residents, increases efficiencies and safety for all of its customers. Aico is a modern, forward-thinking company. It is not just focused on creating safety solutions for the here and now but developing the solutions of tomorrow with the aid of a positive and passionate team. Fire and Carbon Monoxide will likely never be a solved problem, yet Aico hosts a bespoke repertoire of solutions and a clear dedication to teaching others about the dangers and providing solutions to the problems they present. It should be proud to be the holders of the Most Outstanding Carbon Monoxide and Domestic Fire Protection Company, 2022 - United Kingdom title. Its work and dedication are to be commended. Contact: Alex Garmston Company: Aico Web Address: https://www.aico.co.uk/ Aico