Q2 2022

39 | Q2 2022 Mar22732 Recruiting The Brightest And Best Establishing a business often takes time, but the team at M&B Skills Solutions have made a name for themselves in less than a year. The guiding hand of Damien Mcknight has been invaluable in offering a service that is truly second to none in this sector. With the title of Food Sector Recruitment and Training MD of the Year 2022: Damien Mcknight in the Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 under his belt, we thought it time to look more closely at his career and the way in which he has led his business to success. A glance at Damien McKnight’s career showcases an interest in people. For nearly ten years now, he has been a leading light when it comes to ensuring that employees are trained and ready to add value to companies across the food and drink sector. In 2021, he cofounded M&B Skills Solutions with to achieve this for even more companies across the sector, and since then has quickly seen the business go from strength to strength. Whilst a new venture for Damien, M&B Skills Solutions is built on years of expertise. His previous role was at Dovecote Park where he worked his way through the ranks to become Head of Learning and Development. He was responsible for the growth of 750 employees over fifteen departments and two sites. Over seven years, he grew into the role, providing support that enabled employees to thrive. The success of this approach soon outgrew what was possible in Damien’s previous positions, however he had built a way of recruiting and training others which could potentially lead the way when it came to the food manufacturing industry. The results at that point were startling, with a high level of retention and impressive pass rates. M&B Skills Solutions offers much of the same qualities to many different companies, and on a broader scale. Through a heady mix of experienced recruitment specialists, a training and development specialist and a team of gold standard trainers and assessors in the food manufacturing sector, the business has gone from strength to strength. The aim of the business is not simple to act as a recruiter and training provider but as a company which will provide a 360 service that elevates the customer experience. By focusing on people, the team will be able to achieve breathtakingly high new standards of success. The team’s focus on the food and drink sector has given them a considerable advantage over the competition, with their insights allowing these companies to develop swiftly into agents of success. For those companies that are worried about compliance, that are struggling to find skilled employees and that aren’t sure how to sustain and build up the workforce, this is the team to turn to. They understand the unique challenges facing this sector and have proven themselves more than capable of overcoming them. Damien has an impressive CV of winning multiple awards such has the Royal training award in 2018 and he won it again in 2020. He has also had special recognition from the palace for equality and diversity receiving a special commendation from princess Anne and a visit from the princess herself. This award is a testament to his growing success as he continues to break records. Damien has always aimed to support businesses through focusing on what is most important to them – their workforce. Through M&B Skills Solutions, he has been able to not only make this dream into a reality but has found a way of reaching out to many who did not realise that they needed the support. We celebrate his incredible success as MD, reaching heady heights of acclaim in such short time, and look forward to what he and his team do in the future. Company: M&B Skills Solutions Name: Damien Mcknight Email: damien@mbskillssolutions.com