Q2 2022

41 | Q2 2022 Apr22147 High-Flying HighPerformance Management Operating in a global market is wrought with a myriad of challenges, let alone the circles that Alba Power is present within. It requires a motivated and well-informed team constantly on the top of their game. A high-performance environment like that is not somewhere that just about anyone can thrive and find success. Here we look at someone who can, Industrial Engineering MD of the Year 2022: Neil McKenzie. We congratulate Neil McKenzie on being awarded the SME Managing Director of the Year Award for 2022. Of many worthy contenders, Neil stands as an example to be admired. Especially in such a tumultuous time for the world – where the way we do business is still in flux. Founded in 2003, Alba Power approaching its 20th anniversary and looking into the result of Neil’s leadership is a must. Alba Power’s specialisation is support services – based in the North Sea Offshore market and working on a global level – with extensive and exceptional support for their niche in the turbine, controls, and rotating equipment markets. The company is responsible for ensuring a swathe of incredibly important and powerful equipment – and technology – remains in functional order. Because of its work and service, numerous turbines have remained in operation long after they would have – after failing support of the original manufacturers. The company has prolonged the lives of many a turbine, making sure they didn’t become obsolete before their time. All whilst remaining cost-effective and efficient for the partner. Quite the pivot from a provider of spare parts for the aeroderivative sector, but one can hardly imagine the business as anything other than what it is now. Even to this day, it takes strong, clear-headed leaders to stay ahead in such a scenario and to continue pushing Alba Power from strength to strength, remaining innovative and successful along the way. Neil is clearly one of them. Looking at what it is now is quite impressive. A multi-award-winning company, one of those awards being the National Champion representing the United Kingdom at the European Business Awards. Alba Power is a model within its industry. Everyone involved has much to be proud of and it appears the business recognises this, Alba Power attributes its success to its strong and high-performance team. It operates across the United States and the Middle East, providing everything from renovation to consultancy – and even decommissioning – of the highlighted products and equipment. Managing the strategies and directions of such a team over such a wide range of services and markets is a daunting task. Neil has clearly made his mark, bringing his own experience and strong direction to the leadership team that heads and directs an equally passionate, knowledgeable, and exceptional team on the ground. Standing at the helm of Alba Power, Neil has overseen a multi-award-winning company through the pandemic with grace and performed his duties admirably. The Industrial Engineering MD of the Year 2022 is well deserved and we look forward to seeing what he does next. Contact: Neil McKenzie Company: Alba Power Ltd Web Address: https://www.albapower.com/