Q2 2022

46 | Q2 2022 Apr22497 High Flying Success! The technology that goes into the Automotive & Aviation industries is not just pushing the way in which these businesses practically operate. APD Global Research Ltd has committed to exploring the people side of things too. In SME News’ UK Transport Awards, the team were named Best Automotive & Aviation Technology Company - South West England. We take a closer look to see how the team are pushing into bold new territories. Since 2003, APD has been able to act as a global pathfinder when it comes to delivering connected intelligence. As a disruptive technology company, the team has transformed how businesses see customer engagement, feedback, and behavioural compliance. Over nearly two decades, APD has built long-term business relationships with many of the most recognisable global brands, with its products and services becoming instrumental in collecting, reporting and managing customer feedback. At the core is a host of different highly articulate subject matter experts with an outward interest and knowledge of the business sectors in which their clients operate. Their ability to cross the borders of knowledge and commerce has allowed APD to thrive and innovate, so keeping both its clients and itself ahead of its competitors by future-proofing technology within its business The heart of the team’s work aligns effortlessly with the way in which their clients operate, using omnichannel research, communication, and analytics platforms to generate real-time insight into the customer experience. By understanding this in greater detail, the team are able to offer insights and advice that can elevate how a brand is seen and enhance its operational standards. This advice is based on the team’s unique “insights” approach to data aggregation and analysis. By acting in a way that focuses on the root causes of problems and the impact on business profitability, APD’s team has been able to regenerate and lead in the research sector continually. Finally, the team ensure that their research outcomes are aligned and constantly monitored to meet strategic objectives. For example, the focus on improvement in business processes and people often involves exploring potential paths that use tailored skill development and mentoring programmes. Any problems that might arise are easily dealt with because of this stringent approach to success. To push new ideas forward relies upon testing and challenging conventional practices. Few understand this better than the team at APD. They have managed to produce numerous ground-breaking innovations by seeing challenges as opportunities. They have been pioneers in many areas, including using data triangulation and sentiment analytics to uncover trends within conventional research. These developments, however, will pale in comparison to the impact of the firm’s third-generation predictive platforms. These will revolutionise how companies collect, respond, and shape their products and services. When unpredictable events occur, their insight will empower businesses to react in the way their customers would like and designed to increase loyalty. As air transport returns to normal, the team’s incredible technology has seen a significant uptake in their Flightrax.360 passenger experience platform. Likewise, directives by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which has seen its Compliance.360 programmes adopted by more lenders, dealer groups and brokers in the automotive sector. As the world keeps changing, this is the team that is committed to keeping business on track for even more success. Company: APD Global Research Limited Name: Paul Turner Email: paulturner@apd-globalresearch.com Web Address: www.apd-research.com