Q2 2022

48 | Q2 2022 May22119 Most Client-Focused Joinery Installations MD 2022: Jon Sutton A company with the goal of helping its Museum and Interiors clients to make their own ambitions a reality, MJS Contracts is a specialist installation company operating across the UK and EU. Having gained repute for being a company with an outstanding, talented, and dedicated pool of staff, its clients are extremely valued, and it extends its thanks to each & every one of them for the continued trust and glowing reviews that have allowed MJS to keep growing in the industry it loves to serve. MJS Contracts is a specialist contractor that boasts over 15 years of experience, and a long list of satisfied clienteles to show for it. Having developed a strong reputation in the museum and interior sector – both in the UK and in Europe – its work has become renowned for being one of the best site management & joinery installation packages, able to serve a huge range of projects. Many of the projects it contributes its work to become award winning examples of modern bespoke interior fittings, aided by the company’s demonstratable and continued understanding of the pressures that face both clients and designers when it comes to the design and installation of high-end joinery. Thus, no matter the size or complexity of the project, it promises that it will always deliver high specification projects on time and within budget without compromise. Having endeared itself to its market by operating in this manner since its inception, its invaluable expertise and solutions make it an indispensable partner on any installation venture. Nominally, no job is too big when it comes to MJS Contracts; in fact, it is never daunted by a challenge, with a team that can be mobilised at short notice to work in a highly tailorable manner depending on what the client needs, what their timescale is, and what financial elements they are working too. Having delivered over 100 different projects of all different kinds and calibres across the UK and Europe, it has contributed to the growth of a myriad of its clients’ businesses by renovating and re-imagining their base of operations. Recognised as being the leading contractor in the service it provides, it has gained renown for being reliable, efficient, and safety conscious. Critically, it always goes above and beyond for the clients it works for making it a delight to work with, securing any project as a labour of love for all involved – from the first consultation all the way through to completion. Moreover, its wellestablished nature has given it a firm foothold in the West Midlands of the UK, which is has been able to use as a springboard into other areas such as its lucrative EU market. Its capability to deliver on programme under immensely pressured conditions whilst remaining focused with a highly motivated & driven team are why the overall results of the project are a cut above the rest and this is a big part of what has made it such a household name, all made possible by the highly skilled and professional operatives within its ranks. Thus, it extends its thanks out to every single employee for their consistent tenacity, problem-solving excellence, and talent, each of whom brings a vast amounts of industry knowledge & experience. Additionally, this knowledge is not just from one singular element of the construction industry but pertains to a wide range of different capabilities. With a diverse array of complex projects under its belt and a strong team of employees who serve the client with the utmost professionalism, its delivery of these projects has made it a darling of the market and a gem amongst its clients, a company that understands the idea that every employee is a representative of the MJS and their clients businesses. In short, it employs passionate and driven people, people who are excited and proud to embody this. Many of its projects are public facing, being totally live environments that it ensures showcase as a clean, safe and well managed site, allowing the client to put their best foot forward in the public eye & area in which they are establishing themselves. Fully insured at the highest level of cover, with heavily enforce health and safety, and a deep dedication to rigorous inspections that are carried out regularly – and maintained by its diligent staff – it has a record of outstanding scores. Crucially, these factors have allowed it to develop a relationship of the most unblemished trust between it and its clients, who can rely on MJS Contracts to keep their projects above expectations. After all, refusing to compromise on safety when it comes to your site and its workers bodes well for the state of the project itself. Once it is awarded a project, therefore, it will always go above and beyond to use such ‘show don’t tell’ measures to put a client at ease and to reassure them that they have put their faith in the right company, working tirelessly from start to finish to achieve every task to the letter of the customer’s specifications without reservation. Part of this is its commitment to understanding the client’s design, goals, and position. Therefore, when it takes a project on, it takes it on with an upright zeal, digging into the nitty gritty of the client’s expectations and hopes for what the project will become in the future, and what they want it to achieve in a holistic sense. Part of this is made known in its outstanding project management, health and safety knowledge, project planning, and collaborative work, wherein it highlights potential problems and works collaboratively to solve these in the early stages to ensure the project runs smoothly. MJS Contracts also works hard to ensure that a client stands only to make gain