Q2 2022

51 | Q2 2022 Dec21367 Food For Thought – Vegan Liberation With huge developments in the world of veganism, I want to explore how the movement has resulted in more interest, following, and products in the last decade. In such a short time, vegans, such as myself, have experienced the increasing number of products appearing on the market. From cosmetics to food, the vegan market has been adapting to a high demand for products that people can enjoy on a daily basis. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of examples of food businesses shaking up the scene in the Midlands, United Kingdom. As you may have noticed, the vegan movement has become more prevalent in recent years. This has resulted in a high following and people changing their lifestyles for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re looking out for animals, trying to lose weight, or simply feel healthier, there’s a plethora of snacks and dishes that tantalise the tastebuds and fill our stomachs in ways that leaves us feeling satisfied. Even if you’re just up for broadening your food horizons I can guarantee you’ll find a selection of delectable meals coming your way – all you have to do is go to your local supermarket, stumble upon street food stalls, order a takeaway from your favourite place, or talk to a friend who loves to cook vegan food. Ten years ago, vegan food could be bland, sparce, non-inclusive, and unimaginative. I first became vegan in 2012 and I have never looked back. To begin with, I noticed that vegetarian food was most definitely advertised and served in most places but those dishes normally included eggs or cheese and even honey. For example, a typical pub lunch was either lasagne or macaroni cheese – both dishes were off limits for vegans. We had to improvise by ordering a lot of sides to make up a meal. We would have chips/fries, vegetables, corn on the cob and perhaps some form of breaded mushroom (both without butter). Going for a carvery would be very difficult – as to be expected in those days – but we could eat the potatoes (if not cooked in beef dripping), vegetables (except for parsnips if they weren’t honey glazed), and certain kinds of gravy. Even for restaurants that were marketed as plant based would normally be aimed more at vegetarians which wasn’t exactly what we needed. This resulted in a lot of people being forced to cook everything at home and they felt left out when going for a meal. As the years passed by, we started to see the vegan movement grow in numbers and vegan food became more sought-after. It has come to a point where we can find fully vegan dishes and snacks readily available on the shelves of major supermarkets and this is one of the many brilliant developments within the food industry. I have noticed so many businesses popping up around us, and more vegan products than ever before. From 100% vegan businesses to omnivorous cuisine adapted to a vegan menu for special occasions, here are my top two favourites: I’d like to introduce Nottingham’s Mocky-D. Established in 2016 as more than a vegan alternative to McDonald’s fast food, Mocky-D has been shaking up the scene with its pure plant alchemy. The dedicated couple have worked their magic for years – even staying strong and providing happiness throughout the global pandemic. Running everything as just the two of them, Ben and Clare have put a spell on all of their customers, and it’s definitely a love spell. Now, in 2022, Mocky-D is proud of its years of innovations. Manifesting mystery by creating original meats, sauces, and dishes, Mocky-D’s burgers, kebabs, and hot dogs have brightened the streets of Nottingham. Mocky-D has also been innovative with its ‘Pay What You Want – Outlaws For Life’ scheme where their customers can pay what they want towards the Outlaw Burger, with all donations going to Framework. It’s the huge amount of heart – and the rebellious recipes – that guarantees everything Mocky-D does excites everyone (whether they are vegan or not). Unlike Mocky-D, Roll the Base usually serves all kinds of authentic, artisan pizza. Creating fresh and delicious pizza for people generally using animal products. But, recently, Roll the Base has adapted its entire menu to fit my vegan wedding menu. Neil has been incredibly helpful, supportive, innovative, and adaptable when creating the menu for our big day. Roll the Base is a mobile pizza caterer from Worcestershire that travels to meet its client’s needs. It is this kind of flexibility and inclusive nature that drives businesses in the vegan market. It is this kind of dedication and open-mindedness that propels the vegan food industry – and we all know it is growing rapidly. Going from strength to strength, Neil offers PA hire, a radical alternative to nonvegan pizza, and all of this was established throughout 2020. Roll the Base a relatively young business but a mighty one! Whether you’re fully vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous, there’s something new – and not so new – for anyone and everyone to try. Here in the Midlands, as well as the rest of the country, vegan food has become a huge hit. by Sofi Bajor As the years passed by, we started to see the vegan movement grow in numbers and vegan food became more sought-after.