Q2 2022

7 | Q2 2022 Mar22291 The Agency Every Travel and Tourism Brand Needs It is unsurprising that The PC Agency has been named The UK’s Leading Specialist Travel PR and Brand Consultancy, 2022. The agency is home to an abundance of specialist knowledge covering the travel and tourism industry, which has resulted in the agency working with globally renowned brands. As the world returns to normality, the future looks increasingly bright for The PC Agency. Founded in 2016, over the past six years The PC Agency has been dominating its industry. Indeed, specialising in the travel and tourism sector, The PC Agency provides dynamic and innovative solutions that have aided some of the biggest players within the industry. Working with airlines, hotels, tourism boards, cruise lines, tour operators, villa specialists, and much more, The PC Agency provides an elite consultancy service that focuses upon pushing its clients towards global success. Focusing extensively on delivering high-impact campaigns, Paul Charles, the company’s founder and CEO, explains, ‘Here at The PC Agency, our mission is to offer world-class consultancy to established and emerging travel and tourism brands, and help them boost sales.’ In essence, it works to push its clients to the next level, aiding them in the acquisition of new customers, markets, and sales. The PC Agency raises the bar for the industry, offering a plethora of advanced, premium services. From public relations management to brand building, the agency is equipped to deliver measurable results from the moment it undertakes a project. Consequently, the best brands in the business consistently seek out services from The PC Agency. Much of its portfolio is showcased on the company’s website, in which it displays an impressive range of clients, including household names. Aer Lingus, The Luxury Travel Book, and the World Travel and Tourism Council are a select few of the diverse clientele that The PC Agency has attracted. Of course, in order to work with such names, the company has had to establish a positive reputation. Paul attributes The PC Agency’s success to the consistently highquality results it achieves for its clients. However, it can also be said that a significant portion of the company’s success stems from The PC Agency’s team and Paul himself. With an internal culture consisting of a friendly, highlyproductive, yet flexible structure, Paul’s broad range of experience played a large role in how the internal culture developed. Paul is perhaps best known for his award-winning work as a BBC News presenter, Sir Richard Branson’s Communications Director at Virgin Atlantic, and for rebuilding the brand at Eurostar while in charge of Communications. Moreover, he is a renowned figure within the tourism sector, enjoying numerous accolades. In effect, there is no one better to run The PC Agency. He possesses a deep understanding of the industry and truly understands the value of his staff – ‘staff are undoubtedly our number one asset - if you look after them, they will look after your business and ensure its growth,” he comments. “We enable our colleagues to build substantial expertise in the sector and turbo-charge their own careers by working with world-class brands,” Paul continues. “We offer a huge range of benefits to help the team rest and relax, intertwined with their work. For example, we offer days off for a birthday and team-working sessions building gingerbread houses or making pizzas over Zoom!” However, such levels of success often come hand-in-hand with challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic left a scar upon the lives of many, and as time progresses, it is undoubtably clear that it has had major ramifications for the tourism sector. Due to international lockdowns, the industry saw a decline in demand, particularly for international ventures. Seeing how his industry was suffering, Paul remained at the forefront of lobbying the government for changes to quarantine rules, via the Quash Quarantine and Save Our Summer campaigns. As 2022 progresses, it is becoming clear that the world is transitioning back to normality – just as Paul predicted – which certainly offers a positive outlook for The PC Agency’s future. Paul concludes, “travel will bounce back further as vaccination programmes are rolled out and clients are searching for stand-out publicity in a cluttered world. We are also expanding our new data division, called Thrive, which offers unrivalled market intelligence and analysis about the travel and tourism sector, as data is key to success in the next decade.” Contact: Paul Charles Company: The PC Agency Web Address: www.pc.agency