Q2 2023

12 | SME News Q2 2023 Getting Busy with the Fizzy! Based in Wales, Gasm Drinks Ltd (Gasm) is leading the way when it comes to cocktails. But not only are the products designed to hit the spot, they are also designed to be sustainable. We find out more about this pioneering family-run firm in the wake of it being recognised in the SME News Business Elite Awards 2023. Who doesn’t love a refreshing spot of sparkly on a warm summer’s day? Enjoyed by the middle classes for many years, delicious champagne cocktails have now been brought to the masses by Gasm Drinks Ltd. Combining the perfect mixture of fizz with deliciously powerful spirits, Gasm is the brainchild of Montgomeryshire-based husband-and-wife duo, Sam and Richard Davies. After years of experimenting in the field, followed by nine months of intensive tasting with the expert assistance of a renowned sommelier, the couple have produced the ultimate blend of champagne-style cocktails which infuse the finest prosecco with homemade fruit gins. These delectable delicacies come in three tantalising flavours and two sizes: the original sloeberry, plum, and razz (raspberry), all of which are available in 37.5cl and 75cl. All of them combine excellent wine from Veneto (the only prosecco worth drinking) with handpicked fruits and fine gin to create something truly memorable. Being the first to bottle this well-known combination, Gasm has created a “chill, pop, and go” fun fizz cocktail that is suitable for any occasion. But as well as being able to nip into the nearest trendy bar and enjoy a snifter, Gasm products are available online for you to sit and enjoy with friends on a picnic, whilst relaxing on the yacht, or even in the comfort of your own home! Not only that, but Gasm tipples are fully recyclable and vegan friendly to boot – What more reason do you need to crack open a bottle and pour a celebratory drink? Recently, in recognition of its innovative product, Gasm Drinks was named Best Champagne Style Cocktails Producer 2023 – UK in the SME News Business Elite Awards. So, what’s next for the visionary entrepreneurs who have revolutionised the fizzy beverages market? Sam and Richard plan to continue to produce and bottle in their home country of Wales, thus further reducing their carbon footprint, whilst continuing to take the hospitality industry by storm! Contact: Richard Davies Company: Gasm Drinks Ltd Web Address: www.gasmdrinks.co.uk Feb23256