Q2 2023

ITPR is one of the UK's longest-serving independent technology PR consultancies, and the firm has been at the forefront of delivering impactful B2B Tech PR campaigns since its establishment. We got a greater insight into the firm's inner workings as we profiled the business to see what has made the company so successful. ITPR: Revolutionising B2B Tech PR in the UK Businesses need effective public relations strategies to thrive in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. That's where ITPR comes in. It is a company recognised as the Best B2B Technology PR Consultancy in the UK in 2023. With a data-driven approach, ITPR combines digital PR, content creation, SEO, and media relations to elevate clients' marketing efforts, generate measurable impact, and drive sales inquiries. ITPR's success can be attributed to the leadership team's core values, which have remained steadfast since its inception. These values shape how the consultancy operates and interacts with clients, partners, and employees. Staff have to implement the values into every aspect of their work: Impact, Trust, People, and Reputation. Read on to find out a little more about the company's values. ITPR prides itself on being a trusted partner, delivering on promises to help clients achieve their business objectives. The consultancy also places trust in its people, empowering them to perform at their highest potential. People are the driving force behind ITPR's operations, be they employees, clients, or partners. The consultancy was founded on the principle of hard work combined with a spirit of enjoyment. ITPR is dedicated to doing what suits clients, themselves, and the industry. Recognising that the team has a responsibility to safeguard and enhance clients' reputations, ITPR is committed to making a difference in every project. The consultancy takes great pride in its work, understanding that it represents ITPR, its clients, and its brands. What sets ITPR apart from others in the industry is its consultancy approach. Unlike traditional agencies, ITPR goes beyond merely executing tasks; it provides advisory services to clients. By working collaboratively and integrating with clients' existing teams, ITPR builds solid relationships and embraces the challenges that come with it. The experienced team at ITPR excels in enhancing client presence within crucial target media. They have mastered cutting through industry jargon and effectively articulating the business benefits, leading to increased sales. As a partner, rather than a mere supplier, ITPR shares best practices, guidance, and advice on various PR, marketing, digital, and SEO aspects. Their support and services extend beyond creating high-quality content and securing press coverage, empowering clients with comprehensive strategies. ITPR firmly believes in the power of transparency. The consultancy fosters an open sharing of ideas, ensuring mutual agreement on approaches that yield tangible, measurable results. If an activity or idea is unlikely to generate returns, ITPR provides honest feedback based on their expertise and confidence in their ability to deliver results. Over the years, ITPR has successfully launched several businesses in the UK market. The consultancy runs PR campaigns spanning various industries, including IT Asset Management, EV Charge Point technology, and online sizing technology. ITPR's approach goes beyond counting coverage items, it focuses on earning valuable backlinks for clients and assessing whether those links drive traffic to clients' websites. An exemplary campaign from 2019 exemplifies ITPR's dedication to achieving tangible results. Capitalising on Windows 11's rollout news, ITPR conducted a research project in partnership with a client. The study aimed to determine the processing power of business computers for the Windows 11 upgrade. The strategic timing of releasing the results just before Microsoft's announcement proved pivotal. The campaign garnered 250+ coverage items across 35 countries, potentially reaching over 780 million people. More impressively, over 60% of the coverage contained backlinks to the client's website, resulting in thousands of new visits in the immediate weeks following the announcement. Looking ahead, ITPR aims to revolutionise B2B Tech PR perception, measurement, and value. The consultancy sets measurable benchmarks for campaign performance by utilising analytics, providing tangible proof that PR can directly impact business growth. Embracing innovation is another critical aspect of ITPR's future strategy. The consultancy is actively investing in exploring the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in PR, journalism, graphic design, and coding. ITPR believes that failure to embrace AI would risk falling behind in an industry where AI is becoming increasingly influential. In addition to its PR services, ITPR has developed a robust Internal Communications support package tailored to SME organisations. Despite the crucial role of strategic internal communications in company culture and bottom-line impact, many SMEs need more understanding and expertise. ITPR's independent research in 2022 revealed that 18% of UK Business Decision Makers considered internal communication unimportant for the bottom line, while 28% didn't know or lacked a formal internal communications strategy. Recognising this gap, ITPR aims to further expand its growth in strategic internal communications over the next five years. With a loyalty to excellence, transparency, and innovation, ITPR continues to redefine the landscape of B2B Tech PR in the UK. As the consultancy expands its services, embraces AI, and pioneers the field of strategic internal communications, its goal remains clear: to deliver exceptional results that drive business growth for its clients. Company Name: ITPR Contact Name: David Beesley Web Address: itpr.co.uk Contact Email davidb@itpr.co.uk Apr23001