Q2 2023

Established in 2013, The Cyber Scheme's primary focus lies in conducting security testing assessments and providing training to meet the critical skill requirements of the country's National Cyber Security needs. Over the years, The Cyber Scheme has gained national recognition as a centre of excellence for its provision of the CHECK exams, which accredit and assess hundreds of testers annually under the auspices of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). However, in 2022, The Cyber Scheme significantly expanded by extending its services beyond exams to encompass comprehensive training and education programs. As part of its commitment to the industry's growth and professional standards, The Cyber Scheme established an innovative sponsorship community comprising CHECK-certified companies, testing practitioners, and organisations dedicated to enhancing industry standards and professionalism. Acting as an impartial voice for the security testing community, The Cyber Scheme provides objective and supportive opinions when advocating change with official bodies such as The UK Cyber Security Council, NCSC, and CiiSEC. The company is shaping the cybersecurity industry's future by actively participating in creating new standards, pilot schemes, and regulatory initiatives. The Cyber Scheme is also working towards establishing a Charitable Trust to simplify entry-level pathways into the industry. By addressing the perceived impenetrability of the field and identifying and supporting new talent, the company seeks to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce. Being one of only two companies in the UK accredited by the NCSC to conduct exams for the CHECK scheme, The Cyber Scheme has developed strong relationships with CHECK companies and the wider penetration testing community. This close collaboration, coupled with its understanding of organisations' challenges regarding recruitment, retention, and commercial needs, empowers The Cyber Scheme to offer objective advice, feedback, and support. The Cyber Scheme has recently been involved in a significant project developing the Cyber Advisor (Cyber Essentials) scheme. Established by the NCSC and implemented by The IASME Consortium, this aims to provide reliable and cost-effective cybersecurity advice and support to small and medium-sized organisations. By focusing on implementing the technical controls outlined in Cyber Essentials, the scheme helps improve the cybersecurity posture of small organisations and reduces the likelihood of common cyber-attacks. The Cyber Advisor scheme ensures buyers can confidently choose service providers offering cybersecurity advice adhering to NCSC-approved standards. The Cyber Scheme played a pivotal role in developing the syllabus and exam, and successfully piloted it in collaboration with IASME. The project has now been fully launched, and The Cyber Scheme serves as the sole assessment provider, conducting exams from its centre in Cheltenham. The Cyber Scheme has ambitious plans to drive innovation in the industry over the next five years. After a decade supporting the development of cyber security providers, they are now building relationships directly with the buyer side of the cyber industry. Working with companies who are looking to strengthen their Supplier Assurance and IT Security departments by adopting appropriate training and assessments, The Cyber Scheme is focussing on developing both the individuals, and their teams to make tangible improvements on an organisation’s security posture. Another goal is to expand the talent pool in the security testing industry by simplifying and demystifying career pathways. The company will establish The Cyber Challenge, a charitable trust, to achieve this. By partnering with industry bodies such as the NCSC, The UK Cyber Security Council, IASME, and CiiSEC, The Cyber Challenge aims to provide an official route into a career in cybersecurity. Industry partnerships will facilitate access to sponsorship from enterprises, ensuring that future talent is nurtured through top-tier training and assessments. The Cyber Scheme also intends to maintain its connections with the Cyber Trust and the Cyber Security Challenge UK to work with cohorts under 18 and foster their understanding and exposure to the cybersecurity industry. With its pioneering approach to security testing assessments, training, and industry involvement, The Cyber Scheme is the most pioneering security testing enterprise in the UK in 2023. The company is making significant strides toward safeguarding the digital landscape against evolving cyber threats by shaping industry standards, expanding the talent pool, and embracing innovation. Company Name: The Cyber Scheme Contact Name: Debi McCormack Web Address: www.thecyberscheme.org Contact Email info@thecyberscheme.org The Cyber Scheme has emerged as a leading force in the security testing industry in the UK. We take a look at what makes the firm so successful and what aspects of the firm have led to its enhance reputation. You can see the secrets behind the success of the firm as it wins Most Pioneering Security Testing Enterprise 2023 – UK. The Team Behind the Cyber Scheme Mar23599