Q2 2023

34 | SME News Q2 2023 Putting People First Lifeworks want to create opportunities for people with learning disabilities to have a great life. The company is dedicated to providing the future and current generations with a happy life, providing them with memories that last, and moments to look forward to. Let’s take a closer look as it wins Best Learning Disability NPO 2023 – Devon. Lifeworks has emerged as an unrivalled champion in Devon when it comes to helping individuals and families to live a happy and healthy life with a learning disability. By successfully supporting individuals with learning disabilities and their families, Lifeworks has grown significantly since its inception almost three decades ago. The organisation's core values remain steadfast, focusing on meeting the diverse needs of people, to empower people in reaching their full potential. One of Lifeworks' notable contributions is its specialist further education college located in South Devon. The college provides post-16 learning opportunities for young people with learning disabilities, helping them achieve their aspirations while fostering personal independence. By offering a broad curriculum tailored to individual needs, Lifeworks enables students to acquire essential skills and boost their confidence. Recognising that some individuals require 24-hour specialist care away from home, Lifeworks also provides residential care services. Focusing on safety, effectiveness, and responsiveness to individual needs, their residential care ensures a supportive living environment for children, young people, and adults who require assistance with daily tasks such as dressing, washing, and going out. Lifeworks' residential care is a viable alternative to living at home when additional ongoing support is necessary. In line with the staff’s commitment to promoting independence and personal progress, Lifeworks offers short breaks in Devon. These breaks provide children and young people with learning disabilities with invaluable opportunities to make new friends, explore new activities. Simultaneously, they offer much-needed respite for parents and caregivers. Underpinning Lifeworks' success is the company's diverse community projects, designed to provide enjoyable and meaningful activities. By offering opportunities to socialise, improve health, and pursue personal interests, these community projects empower young individuals to live life to the fullest. Lifeworks has earned the distinction of being a Disability Confident Leader. Recognising the importance of breaking down barriers faced by individuals with disabilities, Lifeworks not only commits to reducing and eliminating these barriers for the people they support but also takes proactive measures to enhance employment opportunities within the organisation for individuals with disabilities. Regarding recent projects and industry developments, Lifeworks has embraced innovative approaches to addressing the challenges faced by those with autism. Through participation in the Autism Reality Experience, Lifeworks staff members gained a deeper understanding of the hurdles encountered by individuals with autism. This immersive experience allows individuals to develop empathy and insight into the daily challenges faced by those with autism. Lifeworks promotes equality, diversity, inclusion, and equity. Its recognition as a Disability Confident Leader for an additional three years highlights their ongoing efforts in this area. By cultivating an inclusive and supportive workplace, Lifeworks aims to create an environment where employees feel proud, valued, and supported in pursuing their aspirations. Looking ahead, Lifeworks has set ambitious goals to further innovate and enhance the services offered by the company for the next five years. This strategic plan encompasses various areas including culture, collaboration, creativity, college and community, children's residential services, adult-supported living, creating places of change, evaluation and impact, environmental sustainability, and good governance. Charities are the heart and soul of the population, and it is great to see how dedicated the staff and leadership team at Lifeworks are to ensuring everybody has the right to a happy future. The company has thoroughly earned its reputation for success. Company Name: Lifeworks Learning Disability Charity Contact Name: Stuart Devlin Web Address: lifeworks-uk.org Contact Email: stuartdevlin@lifeworks-uk.org May23409