Q2 2023

36 | SME News Q2 2023 Best Driver Risk Management Company 2023 - UK 2023 Business Elite Awards TTC Group continues to go from strength to strength, making its 30th anniversary within the road safety industry, and now celebrates its Best Driver Risk Management Company 2023 award in recognition of its commitments to managing and improving driver risk management. From humble beginnings as a family run business back in 1993, TTC 2000 Limited (TTC) has grown to become a leading UK provider of police and court referred Road Safety schemes, with its head offices based in Telford, Shropshire. The company is a Licensed Provider for the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS), appointed to deliver driver retraining schemes on behalf of 15 UK Police Forces. Whilst retaining several of its existing Force contracts, 2022 saw TTC 2000 Limited scored a major contract win to deliver Speed Awareness courses throughout London, supporting the London Mayor’s Vision Zero initiative to eliminate for all deaths and serious injuries from road collisions from London's streets by 2041. Owned by private capital business Pricoa Private Capital, with the management team being led by Jim Kirkwood, TTC works to support UK organisations to meet their compliance “Duty of Care” for their own drivers, with its Continuum services helping to manage driver compliance and risk for 600,000 drivers each year. TTC’s Continuum platform is a cloudbased Driver Risk Management Solution, delivering real- time 24x7x365 management and visibility of driver and fleet risk data. TTC supports commercial organisations in meeting their legislative requirements, deliver driver training programmes to increase driver awareness and on-road safety, whilst also achieving cost efficiencies. Jim Kirkwood, CEO for TTC Group comments, “TTC Group is in a really exciting position, with a clear vision to develop and grow our services to further enhance our position in the road safety industry. “We already reach over 1million UK drivers with our products and services and continue to work with our partners to help meet their driver risk management needs. TTC already has plans well underway to broaden our driver training services to best support professional, vocational drivers that require Driver CPC Periodic training. We are working with businesses of any size to support their training requirements.” He continues, “2024 will be a huge year for Operator Licence holding businesses, with a record number of vocational coach, bus, and lorry drivers needing to have completed 35-hours of periodic Driver CPC training ahead of the September 2024 deadline. Our own customer data shows that 61% of DQC holders currently registered with our Continuum Driver Risk Management platform, will expire in 2024.” Whilst many businesses require their employees to drive as part of their role, a surprising number only meet the most basic forms of driver compliance, which starts with checking driving licenses. TTC’s award-winning approach to driver risk management encourages organisations to reconsider their current approach to how they identify higher risk drivers. Many drivers get unfairly labelled as being speeders or risk takers on the road, while in reality, there may be no real evidence to support this view. Conversely, there may be drivers on a fleet who are a high risk, but who are not picked up as such by management. The Continuum platform takes the guess work out of managing driver risk, providing a rapid digital risk assessment for each driver. The risk assessment can be completed online at a time convenient to the driver, before Continuum generates a bespoke report on the findings. If there are any areas of concern or which could be improved upon, the driver will be recommended a series of e-learning modules to address any relevant areas for each specific user. The production of real-time driver and fleet risk data allows for data-driven fleet and driver management decisions, rather than managers relying on driver reputation instead. Mitigating driver risk has positive knock-on benefits not only for road safety in general but can also be beneficial in lowering insurance premiums for fleets if claim rates fall as a result. Jim Kirkwood adds, “While driver training can often be advised retrospectively following an incident or a claim, TTC suggests that instead, a better first step towards lowering these numbers is to assess and improve driver behaviour from the outset, minimising the chances of such an incident occurring in the first place. “We will continue to grow the business across all of our core markets, helping to make the UK roads safer and protecting people on the move.” Contact: Jim Kirkwood Company: TTC Group Limited Web Address: www.thettcgroup.com Jun23132