Q2 2023

40 | SME News Q2 2023 Helping Furry Friends Look Fantastic All of us need a treat from time to time, but why should this be limited to just people? Our fluffy friends deserve just as much tender loving care as we do, and who better to provide it than Groomingtails? Heralded as the Dog Grooming & Day Care Provider of the Year 2023 in South London, Groomingtails provides a peaceful pampering experience for precious pooches throughout London. Following its opening in 2016, Groomingtails has since accumulated an expansive range of services suited to the needs of every canine companion. From grooming to dental care, and even doggy daycare, it’s complied all of the necessary means to guarantee an enjoyable experience for your pooch. Regardless of size, age, or breed, Groomingtails will ensure they’re well looked after whilst out of your hands, and will tailor every service specifically to your fourlegged friend. As much as we all love our dogs, it’s impossible to stay beside them each and every day of their lives. So, when the time comes for you to part from your pet, be it for a couple of hours or a full day, you need to be sure that they’re going to be in the best possible hands. Thankfully, Groomingtails’ award-winning doggy daycare service will guarantee peace of mind, whilst giving your pooch professional, hands-on care. Its team are well equipped to take care of any breed with any need, and will provide rewarding time that’ll ensure your companion is as happy as can be without you by their side. Additionally, Groomingtails applies its fantastic fluffy friend care whenever a pup is brought in for a good old groom. No matter the requirement, be it a little trim or a complete coat overhaul, the qualified professionals will deliver a service designed for your dog. With a deep knowledge on how to handle a variety of coat types and textures, Groomingtails will keep its cut catered towards your canine’s natural flow. No grooming request is too demanding, and its this passion for the craft that has earned Groomingtails such a fantastic reputation. Of course, a dog’s coat isn’t the only aspect of your pup that needs a bit of extra care every now and then. It’s no secret that dental decline is incredibly common in canines, and sometimes at-home brushing simply can’t get the job done. In such an instance, Groomingtails offers professional dental care, comprised of an ultrasound brushing service, which is sure to deliver brilliant results when it comes to whittling down tartar, plaque, and other impurities. And, with the entire process being incredibly low stress, there’s no reason to not give your pooch a sparkly smile. Groomingtails knows dogs inside out. Not only are these four-legged friends adored by every member of the team, but its incredible understanding of how this wonderful animal works allows it to craft services that are truly unique and bespoke to each breed. Its prowess in every aspect of its work is just a testament to its incredible success, and it’s easy to see how its passionate team has managed to create such a loving environment suited to every canine companion that trots through its doors. Choosing Groomingtails for your pup’s grooming needs isn’t just a matter of picking a service – it serves as an active contributor towards your pooch’s health and wellbeing. Groomingtails provides the best for every dog it meets, and there are no exceptions whatsoever. It recognises how much our canine companions miss us when we’re gone, and seek to ensure that they never feel lonely. As a result, there’s nobody else quite as deserving of the Dog Grooming & Day Care Provider of the Year 2023 - South London award than the brilliant team at Groomintails. Contact Details Contact: Marilyn Mieczkowski Company: Groomingtails Web Address: https://www.groomingtailsuk.co.uk Mar23513