Q2 2023

Reprise was acquired by IPG Mediabrands in 2007, where it has evolved into a full-service digital-first agency with, through its IPG partners, the buying power of traditional media agencies. Its experts help brands to grow, through the delivery of its customer-centric concentration on performance marketing services, which go beyond media to include performance strategy, paid searches, socials, programmatic, SEO, CRO, affiliates, eCRM, eCommerce, performance content, and data & analytics. The company has a unique set of beliefs as to why performance marketing is more than bottom line KPIs, and how it can be planned to deliver and grow businesses strategically and rapidly. It uses a blend of media, experience, and content data to help improve conversion, which it calls ‘FLOW’. It believes the combination of these three disciplines can exponentially drive performance, which is a belief system at the very core of Reprise’s business. The company aims to plan and create business decisions which deliver more effective, creative, and efficient performance marketing, using a process it calls ‘customer flow’. This encompasses the act of continuously moving a client’s customers along the path to purchase. Reprise creates flow, not by optimising in channel silos, but by using behaviours to optimise its 3 key pillars of FLOW so that channels work holistically and harmoniously together. The pillars it focuses on are Experience, Media, and Content. Reprise has a fantastic ethos, concentrating on the areas of Culture, bringing Pioneering Technology, and being Experts along the path to purchase. Talent-wise, it is proud of sourcing the crème de la crème, promoting equal opportunities, and ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of everything it does. As a performance agency, it invests much into its people and tools. This has resulted in a best-in-class proprietary toolset supported by the most powerful third-party tools available on the market. Reprise’s strategic planning framework, FLOW, is also focused on finding the best data-driven blend to optimise user journeys. There have been significant changes in the industry post the COVID-19 pandemic, which challenged the traditional client-agency relationship. It has led to greater collaborative and flexible approaches being employed, including supporting clients to in-house and upskill their digital marketing teams. Reprise has shared access to its specialist tools, and offered training and support in this area. Media agencies are also increasingly becoming strategic partners for their clients, working closely with them to develop custom solutions to meet their business objectives. Greater emphasis is also being placed on data-driven decision making, with media agencies increasingly relying on data and analytics to drive their decision-making processes. This is a trend likely to continue as media agencies look to optimize their campaigns and deliver better results for clients. Consumer privacy and the deprecation of third-party cookies continues to be a focus for marketers and advertisers, making it increasingly important to discover new methods of addressing the digital-first consumer. Addressable activation is at the core of Reprise’s methodology, with everything it does ensuring that every impression is accountable and backed by a data point. The data capabilities powered by IPG's data asset/partner Acxiom enables it to reach High Value Audiences across all channels and platforms. The increased investment in automation and AI is also something media agencies are examining closely. Investing more in such technologies to optimise processes and improve efficiency is technology media agencies can use to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and improve accuracy. A further area of importance to Reprise is sustainability, which it is committed to. As part of Ad-Net Zero, it is aiming to reduce its carbon emissions to zero across media delivery, planning and buying, as well as across the broader business operations, by 2030. Furthermore, it has a range of services across Experience, Media, and Content, which facilitate its clients’ ESG strategies to reduce carbon emissions from Performance Marketing. Reprise works with an environmental consultancy to monitor and set targets that improve performance of IPG Mediabrands UK against a variety of metrics including waste management of purchased goods. Having been awarded the SME Business Elite Award as Most Inclusive Digital Agency 2023 - Yorkshire and the Humber, Reprise is certainly a performance marketing agency going places. Its assistance with search and content marketing are second to none, and its well-deserved award is recognition of this, so well done to Reprise. Company: Reprise Web Address: https://www.reprisedigital.co.uk Originally started 13 years ago as an independent search agency, Reprise is now a global leader in performance marketing. Its mission is to create better flow between brands, consumers, and communities. It uses a data-driven blend of media, experience, and content to improve the path to conversion. Most Inclusive Digital Agency 2023 - Yorkshire and the Humber May23667