Q2 2023

42 | SME News Q2 2023 Law Firm for Ambitious Entrepreneurs Founded by experienced lawyer Lucy Wheeler, Wheeler Wood Legal Limited is a law firm that works with innovators and disruptors who have big ambitions and want to make a positive impact on the world. It provides them with the legal support they need to bring their ideas to life, while making them feel confident and secure in the knowledge that their legacy is protected. For this reason, the firm has been awarded Most Empowering Entrepreneurial Law Firm in the UK Legal Awards 2023. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Lucy Wheeler noticed the emergence of a new wave of entrepreneurs. This inspired her to found Wheeler Wood, a law firm dedicated to providing business owners with legal support surrounding growth and scaling. The firm combines the best parts of the legal industry with innovative business solutions to deliver legal services in a way that is suitable for small businesses. In particular, it offers commercial legal services such as drafting and litigation support, as well as brand protection and trademark services. Wheeler Wood’s primary goal is to empower its clients. The firm takes care of the legal aspects of running a business, enabling clients to spend more time promoting and delivering their products and services to the market. “We are a small team offering bespoke services which means that our delivery is personal,” explains Lucy Wheeler. “We are part of our client's business journey, often right from the start, helping them to grow and protecting them as they do so.” One of Wheeler Wood’s core values is simplicity. The firm further empowers clients by taking complicated issues and seeking the simplest solutions. It strives to deliver clear, easy-to-understand documents that they can confidently use when dealing with customers and service providers. By consistently delivering transparent, effective legal services, Wheeler Wood has created trust-based relationships with the entrepreneurs it supports. The firm has become an integral part of their businesses, helping them achieve growth. Dedicated to providing the best legal support possible, Wheeler Wood strives to be responsive and to effectively meet its clients’ needs. The firm rarely charges by hour and never in six-minute intervals. Instead, it uses a fixed fee approach, which it has found to work very well. This way, clients don’t have to worry about being charged for asking a question by email or for picking up the phone, allowing them to get the most out of Wheeler Wood’s services. Furthermore, the firm is proud of its unique method of communication with its clients. Wheeler Wood predominantly utilises secure voice messaging, allowing clients to keep in contact with the firm regularly in a way that suits their working pattern. Lucy comments, “The requirement for long in-person meetings has diminished over the past three years and instead we are available remotely, often via voice messages, to promptly offer support and guidance as issues arise.” Thanks to its unique way of doing things, Wheeler Wood has been extremely successful since its establishment. “We are proud to be doing business differently,” Lucy comments. “Where a number of law firms may struggle to find new clients, we are often fully booked and have a waiting list.” As a result of its client-centric services and its focus on empowerment, Wheeler Wood Legal Limited has been awarded Most Empowering Entrepreneurial Law Firm in the UK Legal Awards 2023. We congratulate Lucy on this accomplishment and look forward to seeing what she continues to achieve in the coming years. Contact: Lucy Wheeler Company: Wheeler Wood Legal Limited Web Address: wheelerwood.co.uk May23273