Q2 2023

Winners’ listing Equal Employer Best Equal & Ethical Recruitment Certification Specialists 2023 Tekton Billing Best Telecoms Billing Software Provider 2023 Tekton Billing is an award-winning, independent provider of cutting-edge, cloudhosted telecoms billing software. Our modern and innovative solution, ZOEY, offers the market something truly different. https://tektonbilling.com/ Protogen 3D Best 3D Printing Solutions Provider 2023 - West Midlands We are honoured to receive this award, and appreciate the recognition for our innovative work on animal orthopaedics, industrial mass production and reverse engineering work. www.protogen3d.com Coplow Business Support Limited Best Bookkeeper Services 2023 - Lancashire Anglesey Bees Best Beekeeping Training Provider 2023 - Wales Green Tomato Cars Best Sustainable Passenger Car Service 2023 - London Aspire Recruitment Services Ltd. Best Recruitment Company 2023 - Cardiff Aspire Recruitment Services was established to disrupt the perception of Recruiters within the market, providing a people-centric approach which genuinely values the individual. www.aspirerecruitmentservices.co.uk The Cheeky Panda Best Sustainable Bamboo Tissue Manufacturer 2023 The Jacksonheim Property Group Best Boutique Property Group 2023 - UK The Jacksonheim Boutique provides an award-winning home away from home base for holiday and business travellers who want to visit, live, and work in Manchester City Centre. www.jacksonheim.co.uk/boutique/ Composty Best Compostable Cleaning Product Brand 2023 - UK Composty's cleaning sponges and cloths are made from natural materials, offering long-lasting performance and eco-friendly compostability. Quality and sustainability combined. www.composty.earth Arbikie Highland Estate Best Family-Run Distillery 2023 - Scotland 2B Enterprising Most Empowering Children's Education Company 2023 - UK We have created The Bumbles of Honeywood Enterprise Skills Programme for primary school children to help them develop into ambitious, confident, enterprising and informed young people. https://www.2benterprising.co.uk NetworkFit 2023's Leading Fitness Management Platform Codswallop Best Theatre & Art CIC 2023 - Yorkshire NeurodiverCity C.I.C. Neurodivergent Led NPO of the Year 2023 - UK