Q2 2023

The trusted lead generation agency for global tech companies, MyOutreach unites sales and marketing teams to help firms achieve better ROI on their campaigns with quality and engaged sales leads. Following its success in the being named Best Webinar Solutions Provider 2023 – UK, we spoke to CEO, Ryan Young to learn more about its offering. Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing MyOutreach generates demand for some of the largest tech companies in the world, with some of its most popular lead gen solutions including content syndication, webinars and virtual events, and appointments. “After generating leads for some of the largest tech companies in the world, we learned a thing or two about what makes a successful demand gen campaign,” explains Ryan Young, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. “It requires more than just marketing budget and sales resource to make it a success. It requires a strong collaboration between sales, marketing, and us.” As specialists in B2B lead generation, MyOutreach exists to help tech marketers get more ROI from their demand gen campaigns. Today, after several years in operation, the company goes one step above the rest by providing sales training sessions to help clients get a much greater ROI on their leads. Bridging the gap between sales and marketing, it helps some of the world’s largest organisations get better results from their campaigns. “We act consultatively,” explains Ryan. “Under-promise, over-deliver. We promise our clients that they will never pay for an invalid lead, and our values have not changed since our establishment four years ago. As our business grows, so does the importance of our core values.” With extensive experience managing sales teams at marketing companies, Ryan understands both sides of the demand generation coin which puts him in a strong position to help the firm’s clients with both marketing campaigns and sales enablement. At MyOutreach, the firm’s content syndication campaigns rely on three core pillars to help customers reach their targets faster and more effectively. These include: reach the right people at the right time; increase sales revenue with content syndication; and enable your sales team to succeed. But in such a competitive marketplace, the company must consistently stay ahead and therefore, it is unique in the lead gen industry as it can guarantee leads anywhere in the funnel on a cost-per-lead model. “We insist that we do not get paid unless the client is happy,” Ryan continues. “This puts all the risk on us as a vendor, and removes the risk from the client. Focusing on creating an exceptional customer service is our number one priority, and we have found that winning new business, getting repeat customers, and even hiring new talent has become easier.” Understanding the importance of connecting with the audience in today’s digital age, MyOutreach’s webinar services are designed to help other companies do just that. Its virtual event services include live and simu-live webinar registrations, on-demand webinar syndication, and fully managed webinars, meaning MyOutreach takes care of everything from start to finish, so company owners can focus on what they do best – engaging with their audience. Recently, for its webinar services, MyOutreach gained recognition in the prestigious SME News Business Elite Awards 2023, being named Best Webinar Solutions Provider 2023 – UK. Having being head of a successful start-up for several years now, Ryan has advice for like-minded entrepreneurs looking to build their business from the ground up. “I was given some valuable advice early in my sales career: “replace yourself”,” he states. “This encourages developing people to take on your main responsibilities so you can grow and develop yourself. This has stuck with me and we implement that into our core workings by developing from within before we consider hiring externally.” Contact: Ryan Young Company: MyOutreach Web Address: www.my-outreach.com Feb23655