Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 12 surrounding medical cannabis and natural hemp-based extracts. “We need to separate the self-serving political agendas and focus on the medical and health benefits that these plants can provide,” Michael explains. “Imagine where our industry would be if we were able to use the last 80 years to legally, without fear of prosecution, advance our knowledge and use technology and science to put the research data into product applications.” With governing bodies continuing to delay the establishment of a legal framework in the cannabis industry, it is difficult for Purity Hemp Company to not only forecast its future and gain investor confidence but also engage in innovation and market the benefits of its products. It is important for the company to be able to educate people, helping them to decide if the plant’s natural benefits could help them, without fear of legal repercussions. Michael comments, “If we regulated the industry, removed the companies and products that focus solely on profit and not people’s health, and made it a criminal offence to supply harmful or unregulated products into the market, we would eliminate those profiteering from unlicensed products, creating a safe and legal industry that can drive tax whilst improving wellbeing.” Despite the continued turbulence of the cannabis market, Purity Wellness Group is committed to remaining ethical and compliant, focusing on the creation of products that can significantly enhance the health and wellbeing of both people and pets. “We continue to evolve the range of products we have within the restricted UK market,” Michael adds. “However, we are ready to do more once the regulatory pathway to the UK and European market is made public and the transparency of guidelines is published.” In an industry rife with criminality and unscrupulous brands, Purity Hemp Company stands out as a beacon of unparalleled commitment to excellence for its exceptional range of products, particularly its effective CBD drinks. For this, the company was recently awarded the title of Best Hemp-Infused Beverage Manufacturers in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2023. Looking towards the future, Purity Hemp Company is determined not to stagnate, continuing to diversify and expand its network of partners to overcome the challenges caused by the FSA Novel Food’s delayed final approval announcement. For example, the brand has extended its long-standing partnership with Folium Biosciences Europe to create opportunities in line with its licenses. Furthermore, Purity Wellness Group will soon be announcing an exciting international collaboration with medical cannabis organisations, as part of which the company will represent their interests in Australia, Japan, Europe and the UK. Contact: Michael Walker Company: Purity Hemp Company Web Address: purityhempco.com Best HempInfused Beverage Manufacturers 2023 Based in Virginia Water, Surrey, UK, Purity Hemp Company, part of the Purity Wellness Group, is a market-leading brand working with tech-forward cannabis- and hemp-based plant extracts including CBD, CBG, CBN and several natural terpenes across the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA to provide its customers with a wide range of pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids created for their oils, capsules, gummies, teas, coffees and topicals. In particular, the company has become known for its innovative range of organic and sustainable CBD beverages, which are perfect for individuals looking to manage their overall health and wellbeing without compromising on taste and quality. Here, we speak to Founder and CEO Michael Walker, who tells us more about Purity Hemp Company and the broader cannabis industry. In 2016, Purity Hemp Company was established by Michael Walker, a renowned international marketing and sales director who has successfully led global brands within the leisure, luxury, retail and infrastructure industries. Unfortunate and avoidable tragedy led Michael to change focus and direction with the sudden loss of family and close friends due to the negative effects of synthetic medications and over prescribed opioids often used to treat medical conditions. Now, in contrast, he witnessed the life-changing results of natural plant-based extracts being used as an alternative treatment to help and heal various physical and mental health conditions and he was immediately inspired to educate and inform people to the potential of natural extracts found in both the cannabis and hemp plants that have been used for hundreds of years. Michael and his team of medical and scientific partners continue to channel their passion, energy and experience though the Purity Wellness Group, trading as Purity Hemp Company, Purity Coffee Company and Purity Pet Company. He wanted to create brands that were a true force of good, and to put people and pet health before profit. He truly believes in the power of plant-based cannabinoids and is committed to using the purest and safest extracts to ensure the best results across his entire product collection. His focus for the brands would be based on three key principals, Transparency, Traceability and Trust – unlike any other brands on the CBD market, Purity Hemp Company ensures complete transparency and challenges other brands to be honest with customers and tell them exactly what’s in the product, where it comes from, and how it is prepared to ensure the best quality, not just the best margin. Michael continues to amplify the company’s commitment to Traceability and show customers how the plants grow, the testing regime the plants undertake during the growing cycle, and how they are harvested and prepared using the most advanced tech and scientific applications, challenging other brands to do the same. Collectively, these core principles continue to build unwavering consumer trust in the company’s product collection. Grown on its own farms and derived from both hemp flowers and the valuable biproducts of hemp plants, Purity Hemp Company’s premium range of CBD products, including its revolutionary beverages, are all available to order online. By providing effective products and useful educational resources related to CBD, Purity Hemp Company is working to change the narrative