Q2 2024

Based in Sandy, Bedfordshire, Azalea Beauty Salon has become the community’s go-to beauty salon for its outstanding beauty services. From the moment clients enter the door, they are greeted with welcoming staff in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Priding itself on the quality of its products and treatments, Azalea Beauty Salon fosters a genuine passion for beauty with its team dedicated to ensuring clients look and feel like their best self. Transformative Beauty Services Inside and Out At Azalea Beauty Salon, the team understands that beauty is not just skin deep and strives to deliver holistic experiences to its valued guests. The salon specialises in a wide variety of treatments including laser hair removal, facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, lashes, brow treatments, spray tans, and much more. With its state-of-the-art laser hair removal machine, clients are guaranteed to be up to 95% hair free after just six sessions. Each session is highly efficient and a less painful alternative to waxing. Clients are left with silky smooth skin for the summer months, wishing that they had discovered the practice much sooner. Most recently, Azalea has begun offering a limited-edition treatment tailored to the season, which has become a favourite within the community. The passionate team love to showcase their creativity, developing fresh ideas that leave clients raring to return. January’s treatment offered a winter warmer with a hot stone back massage and invigorating facial. In February, Azalea spotlighted its Radiant Rose facial which incorporated several rose scented products and saw the salon transformed into a romantic oasis of candles and rose petals. Throughout March, the business launched a detoxifying back treatment which included a back cleanse, exfoliation back massage, and detoxifying mask. The Azalea team is eager to share more exciting promotions with clients throughout the coming year. Sarah Priley, Founder and Owner of Azalea Beauty Salon, says, “I have always enjoyed doing my nails and decided that it was a career I wanted to pursue. Once I started working in the industry, I realised how nice it is to be able to make people feel better about themselves. The relationships you build with your clients over time means they can confide in you and knowing they feel safe to share in your environment is special. This motivation has also started a second business of mine, Renbe UK, where I am creating a skincare line to help more people with their confidence.” Alongside her hardworking team, Sarah has fostered a collaborative culture that prides itself on open communication and consistently supporting its staff. This emphasis on team collaboration ensures that staff work together cohesively, leveraging their individual skills to create a positive and productive workplace environment. Azalea has adopted a philosophy of continuous improvement with Sarah emboldening staff to seek ongoing education and professional development opportunities. To stay ahead in a competitive industry, Azalea remains abreast of the latest beauty trends and techniques to offer clients the most innovative beauty solutions available. Sarah Priley shares, “At Azalea Beauty Salon, we're on a continual journey of levelling up. We recognise the crucial significance of staying ahead in the dynamic beauty industry and are dedicated to always honing our skills. Our attention to detail extends to the minutiae as we constantly seek ways to enhance the customer experience within our salon. It's not just about staying current. It's about sweating the small stuff and ensuring every moment at Azalea is an opportunity for our customers to indulge in an unparalleled and constantly evolving beauty experience.” Moving forward, the salon’s main objective will be expanding its team and strengthening its foundation. As the business continues to evolve, Azalea will become a flagship salon for Sarah’s second business, Renbe UK. In the future, Sarah would like to relocate to a larger premises to offer more group treatment bookings and give back to its community. With the expansion of its premises, Azalea hopes to provide more non-surgical aesthetic treatments and holistic beauty experiences for its clients. At Azalea Beauty Salon, the team strives to consistently deliver exceptional service and exceed client expectations with its premium beauty services. With a suite of relaxing treatments available, the salon has adopted a client-centric approach to help clients achieve optimal wellbeing. As a company that emphasises continuous improvement, Azalea is dedicated to enhancing customer experiences to provide its community with unparalleled quality and value. For its unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we have bestowed on Azalea Beauty Salon this year’s Business Elite Award for Best Beauty Services Salon – Bedfordshire. Contact: Sarah Priley Company: Azalea Beauty Salon Web Address: www.azaleabeautysalon.co.uk