Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 16 Collaborating with individuals and businesses looking to introduce unique, rewarding, and sustainable products to the world, North Product Design (npd) plays an important role in bringing innovative products and experiences to life. Here we take a closer look as npd is named our Best Technical Product Design Consultancy 2024. With a diligent focus on doing good for people and the planet, npd is a product design agency with a lot of heart. The small, close-knit team prioritises bringing change to communities everywhere, and they each embrace technological advancements so that npd can always stay ahead of the curve. Operations Director Georgina Partington says, “Our mission is to solve real-world problems with like-minded people. We don't focus on next season's style or colour; we focus on what matters – whether a product will do good.” npd knows that each client is different, and its team treats every project as its own individual ecosystem while committing to originality in product design and creation. npd’s strong portfolio of products speaks volumes about the company’s devotion to improving people’s lives. For instance, the thinAir Oxygen Therapy Machine couples intermittent hypoxic therapy with premium software to give individuals access to adaptive oxygen therapy wherever they need it. “We exist to bring good ideas to life.” This collaboration between thinAir and npd stems back to 2020 when thinAir’s team approached npd to fulfil their needs for an outcome they could rely on. CEO Chris Kavanagh of thinAir said, “We have worked collaboratively with npd on multiple projects – they bring whole projects together and act as a link between the engineering and electronic developers. Our products look great and function better than we ever expected. It is a pleasure to work with npd.” More recently, in 2023, npd worked with Safepoint to design and produce a beautiful bracelet which has the capability to save lives. Safepoint is a leader in wearable safety devices for at-risk individuals or lone workers, and the company approached npd to truly make things happen with regards to Callie – the smart jewellery that protects. Callie is compact, sophisticated in style, and holds the power of a silent panic alarm. Linked to features such as call-back services to providing emergency services with a precise GPS location, Callie is set to keep an endless list of individuals secure. Safepoint’s CEO Callum Coombes commented, “This was a really tricky project as we were moving from being an assembler of products to a manufacturer. npd brought great value to the project and with their knowledge of manufacturing processes they helped us to build a strong supply chain and created a product family that we will continue to build on.” These are just two monumental moments for npd and their partners, but, as the future beckons, the agency is set to embark on more exciting adventures. From creative product design and prototyping to engineering and manufacturing, npd offers a full service which gives life to those allimportant products which elevate lives and do good for the planet. After expanding its team greatly in the last year, npd plans on moving to a larger premises to accommodate for its work. Furthermore, with plans to offer more than design, npd will be introducing a new one-stop-shop package. Georgina reveals, “We are offering design, development, sourcing, procurement, branding and 3D animations to fully support our clients in bringing a product to market.” Awarded with Best Technical Product Design Consultancy 2024, North Product Design has recently been recognised for its dedication to its mission. We’re sure the future of this studio will be bright, and full to the brim with projects that will improve the world as we know it. Contact Details Contact: Georgina Partington Company: North Product Design Ltd Web Address: https://npd.studio/ Doing Good with North Product Design