Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 22 Award-winning PR With The PC Agency The PC Agency is a seasoned expert in the world of travel and tourism and, with its wealth of knowledge, understands exactly how to enrich the brands within the fierce industry. Here we learn more about The PC Agency’s mission and accomplishments as it wins its title of Best Specialist Travel PR & Brand Consultancy 2024. “The most influential travel PR specialist in the UK” – PR Week Magazine Covering a variety of areas such as corporate and crisis communications, hotel and digital marketing, events management, strategic consultancy, trade representation, brand building, and public relations, The PC Agency has become a jack of all trades within the travel and tourism industry. Finding a business which can truly do it all is no small feat. However, The PC Agency has the experience needed to generate the desired results every time. Proud to push itself with every request, this team of specialists ensures that no stone is left unturned when they work towards their goals – or the goals of their clients. Paul Charles, Founder and CEO of The PC Agency, shares, “Our mission is to be THE luxury travel consultancy of choice for the best destinations, airlines, luxury hotels, cruise lines and tour operators in the world. Our superb team are focused on delivering high-quality and high-impact positive exposure for the travel brands we partner with. We amplify and elevate brands, and ensure they are standing out online or offline for the high-quality services they provide.” Creating high-end print, digital, and broadcast coverage for its clients, The PC Agency helps its clients to grow their brands and increase their presence at an exponential rate. A fine example of this is the agency’s work with Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ ship, Grandeur, as The PC Agency has highlighted the ship’s quality and timeless beauty while increasing presence on a global scale. The impactful campaign for the ship’s launch was held in July 2023, at the immersive art gallery, Frameless. The luxurious content provided guests a 360-degree view of Regent’s creation, showcasing its opulence completely. Not only does The PC Agency promote brands, but it guarantees a supportive service which aids its clients in being more prepared for whatever may come in the future. Paul tells us, “One of our most sought-after products is our Premium Crisis Service, helping travel and tourism brands to be prepared in the case of crisis. The best brands want to ensure they are ready should the worst happen. We help them prepare, and ensure senior leaders are in the right place, and can react accordingly, if anything goes wrong.” The agency’s digital services are consistently in demand, with its experience and knowledge pushing it forward in such a competitive industry. With the need for more travel brands comes the need for better consultancies behind them – and The PC Agency doesn’t shy away from this. With regards to the ever-growing industry, Paul explains, “What's clear is that people want to travel more and experience the world. This growth in the desire to travel has meant great travel brands need more advice and wise counsel from consultancies such as ourselves. They need to know how to navigate a world where more people want luxury experiences more often. This has enabled us to grow in order to meet this demand from the best brands.” As a member of the Travel Lifestyle Network (TLN), a global alliance of travel and lifestyle communications specialists, The PC Agency represents the UK throughout the giant network’s offerings. Serving clients across a plethora of needs and desires – from travel destinations to travel brands, hospitality services, and more – The PC Agency’s contribution to TLN fortifies the industry’s excellence and success. Forever striving to strengthen its clients’ presence, and keep them endlessly prepared for any situation, The PC Agency continues to think creatively about how to approach such a competitive realm. Its team is full of specialists with a passion for their industry and, together, they plan on growing even further on a global level. With so much more to come, we anticipate further greatness from The PC Agency via its commitment, passion, and outof-the-box thinking. Watch this space! Company: The PC Agency Web Address: https://www.pc.agency/ Instagram: @thepcagency PC AGENCY the