Q2 2024

Drawing from over three decades of expertise in engineering and warehouse optimisation, Director Jared Storey established Milestone Projects in 2022. He aimed to fulfil the industry’s need for a comprehensive and accountable consultancy service that goes beyond advice, instead offering in depth, results-driven solutions which are backed by the continued management of implementation and continued aftercare following service completion for full peace-ofmind efficiency. Based in Market Harborough, strategically positioned to serve the logistics triangle, Milestone serves a broad client base that spans the UK. Delivering projects to distribution centres, individual warehouses, e-commerce, and 3PL organisations. The company’s team of warehouse and automation experts strive to embody the company values in their day to day. Going into any consult, they instantly identify the purpose of the project so they can gauge how they can help. This involves suggesting and creating simulations that implement innovative techniques and new technologies, all the while creating results-driven strategies to get the most out of any logistical hub. With its unique and extensive consultancy service, Milestone offers a tailored experience, starting off using current live data from your operations to best find places of improvement, clear bottlenecks, and more. This is followed up with up to three suggestions, all addressing the operational concern but at varying price points and return on investment. The current operations is then recreated in simulation and compared to the alternative suggestions to give a visual of the effect of the change, in addition to the numbers of what can be expected from any implemented change. This allows customers to ask questions and test scenarios as well as get a better understanding of what is being proposed. Passionate about people and projects, the Milestone team work closely with clients, gaining an understanding of their specific needs in order to deliver tailored solutions and support. Whether they want to benefit from streamlined processes, improved inventory management, or enhanced order fulfilment, clients can trust that Milestone will deliver the desired results. Milestone sets itself apart from its competitors through its end-to-end approach, not just designing but also installing, testing, and providing lifetime support for its projects. This integrated service is not only more cost effective but also ensures that clients deal with just one contract, providing them with a single point of accountability. This simplifies project management, reduces risk, and enhances operational efficiencies. With boundless enthusiasm and technical proficiency, Milestone’s team are more than just consultants. Instead, they are partners in clients’ success, delivering excellence from concept to ongoing operations. In addition to consultancy services, Milestone offers a comprehensive range of storage solutions tailored to various needs. From meticulously designed racking systems to versatile mezzanine floors and customisable shelving solutions, the team ensure optimal space utilisation and operational efficiency. The company’s workplace equipment prioritises safety and functionality, providing peace of mind to clients. For its excellence in all areas of business, Milestone Projects has been awarded the title of Best Warehouse & Logistics Consultancy Enterprise, East Midlands, in the Business Elite Awards 2024. In the next five years, the company aims to continue redefining warehouse operations across the UK and EU, serving as the benchmark for innovation and efficiency in the industry. To achieve its goals, it will engage in continuous improvement by adopting the latest technologies and sustainable practices. Milestone Project’s is a premier provider of warehouse and logistics consultancy services, offering end-to-end solutions tailored to client needs. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction, it is dedicated to redefining industry standards and driving operational excellence. Company: Milestone Projects Email: info@milestone-projects.com Website: www.milestone-projects.com A start-up of two years, Milestone Projects (Milestone) is a one-stop shop for end-to-end warehouse and supply chain optimisation, offering a broad range of consultancy and storage solutions. For its outstanding work in elevating clients’ businesses to new heights of efficiency, the company has recently been named Best Warehouse & Logistics Consultancy Enterprise, East Midlands, in the Business Elite Awards 2024. Here, we explore Milestone’s work in the wake of this achievement. Warehouse Consultancy Service Empowering Businesses Through Bespoke End-to-End Service Milestone Projects