Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 24 Best Local Estate Agency 2024 – South Wales Since 2015, Daniel Matthew has quickly grown into its space in the South Wales estate agent market. The team takes pride in its work serving the local people and hopes that the community will one day accept Daniel Matthew as a household name. We had the chance to speak with Managing Director Laura Northover, who shares her passion for the business and the areas it covers. Excellent customer service is at the heart of what Daniel Matthew does, and the team thanks its clients every day for placing their faith in it. In the busy modern world, the agency acknowledges the need to slow down sometimes, take a breath, and talk to someone. Whether it be for support with a transaction or simply a cup of tea and a chat, Daniel Matthew is there for its clients to help de-stress, feeling it important to accompany each client through their unique journey as closely as needed. The housing market is often tricky to navigate, though this focus on customer care elevates Daniel Matthew’s services above the rest. It is used to helping clients weather tough times, such as closing a loved one’s estate or a difficult sale or purchase. Among the many businesses which claim a personal connection with their clients, Daniel Matthew backs it up again and again, believing that the customer is not just a number, but an important part of the business and their shared community. Daniel Matthew is always on the lookout for growth opportunities, and it has expanded over the last three years into another branch in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan. The agency’s ethical, customer-focused approach has remained firm throughout the process, and it maintains excellent standards of efficiency and empathy in its new location. Between these branches, Laura is delighted to share with us some of the feedback that has stuck with her: “This is my fourth time using Daniel Matthew Estate Agents, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Laura and her team are amazing! They go above and beyond.” “The marketing was excellent, and the photos taken of my property were fantastic. Emma, Rosin, and the whole team went above and beyond. The professionalism, knowledge, experience, and support were second to none.” “Can't recommend Daniel Matthew highly enough! It's a small, professional firm with the personal touch which makes a huge difference when selling a property.” In recent years, the housing market has been a tough space to occupy. Increasing property prices, volatile mortgage products, and uncertainties about the future all remain harsh challenges, just to name a few. Despite this, Daniel Matthew has taken the adversity in stride and adapted thanks to the experience and resilience of its staff. It is not satisfied to leave clients alone with a problem, and the team is on-hand to take the edge off these worries. Across over 18 years in the property sector, Laura’s love for the industry has always remained a constant. She enjoys that no two days are the same and that she has the chance to meet amazing people, support them, and remain a part of their journey. “Some days, you can be in a property that barely has walls, then later in the afternoon be in a beautiful home surrounded by country views.” Daniel Matthew’s experienced, highly motivated team looks forward to seeing the agency grow even further and expand across South Wales. Additional branches, resilience, and continued charity work will enable the team to serve the community, and Daniel Matthew’s award-winning estate agents to serve Bridgend and Barry. Laura is also keen to share credit for Daniel Matthew’s success in closing. The team knows it would not be where it is today without support from family, friends, and clients. Daniel Matthew is happy to give a warm thank you to everyone who has been a part of its journey. It hopes to be a part of many more journeys to come, and to give all it can to the South Wales community. Contact: Laura Northover Company: Daniel Matthew Estate Agents Web Address: www.danielmatthew.co.uk