Q2 2024

For many, marketing may seem like a simple concept. Make some attractive graphics, spread the word about your business, and watch the sales roll in. However, the fact of the matter is that marketing encompasses far more than these simple aspects. It takes an exceptional amount of hard work and dedication to cultivate an effective marketing campaign, and even more to garner results from it. Enter Little Rocket Creative, singlehandedly ran by the talented Caitlin Moss. Recognised by SME Magazine as the Leading Providers of OnDemand Marketing Support 2024 - West Midlands, Little Rocket Creative promises to take on the tricky task of getting your business seen. Taking Your Marketing to the Moon and Beyond Though there are some who revel in navigating the all too complicated world of business marketing, it’s no secret that the vast majority find themselves demotivated at the sight of their ever-growing checklist of what needs to be done in order to get themselves seen. It can start to feel like a chore – one that may actually come as a detriment to the internal operations of any business. Especially when you’re singlehandedly trying to run, market, and empower your business, aspects such as graphic design, copywriting, and website management can pile up to form an unsurpassable mountain of arduous tasks. Thankfully, Little Rocket Creative is on-hand to help. Since founding Little Rocket Creative, Caitlin Moss has been eagerly offering business owners a solution – one that sees her taking on the tasks they may have less than savoury feelings about, all so they can focus on the parts that they genuinely love. Whether she’s assisting with one-off projects, or ongoing marketing strategies that require a little extra heavy lifting, Caitlin has specifically designed Little Rocket Creative as a means for her clients to traverse the path of least resistance. After all, establishing and running a business should be an enjoyable experience, not one marred by the overwhelming task of flawlessly getting your name out into the world. As a master of her craft, and someone inextricably linked to the wider world of marketing, Caitlin points out how – “Business owners are often found trying to juggle writing helpful blogs, copywriting, designing graphics and carousels, handling website updates, teaching themselves how to automate emails, and creating content for social media… And that’s all before they even turn their hand to the other non-marketing tasks on their plate each day. It’s a lot to handle – and it certainly isn’t what they set up their business to do.” In response to this conundrum, Caitlin developed Little Rocket Creative to act as a partner in a client’s business ventures. As opposed to defining itself as a marketing agency, it instead views itself through the lens of a companion – one who genuinely wishes to encourage the success of its clients’ businesses, and will go the extra mile to understand every goal, aspiration, and plan backing them. Specialising in assisting businesses of all sizes through comprehensive, outsourced marketing work, Caitlin has quickly earned herself quite the reputation among the West Midland’s marketing support sphere. From the moment a connection is made, she takes the time to understand exactly what a client is hoping to get out of the experience, and then devises thoughtful, results-driven strategies that ultimately allow clients to pursue their priorities. Caitlin expresses how – “It’s essential to me that my clients feel they can come to me with any task – no matter how small, no matter how big and hairy! Tasks are ticked off the to-do list in line with their priorities and needs on a day-to-day, week-toweek, and monthly basis.” Equipped with the qualifications and mindset necessary to foster continuous growth across a multitude of businesses throughout the UK, Caitlin Moss is an exceptional woman whose vision and marketing tact remains uncontested within today’s sphere. Regardless of whether she’s working to a strict deadline, or onboarding a more lenient project that truly allows her creativity to flourish, she brings in an invigorating approach that’s imbued with the genuine passion she holds for her work. As such, Little Rocket Creative has been identified by SME Magazine as the Leading Providers of On-Demand Marketing Support 2024 - West Midlands. We extend our sincere congratulations to Caitlin for her exceptional accomplishments, and we look forward to seeing her further success in the months ahead. Contact: Caitlin Moss Company: Little Rocket Creative Web Address: /www.littlerocketcreative.com