Q2 2024

“Healthy Business, Healthy You!” Built on such values as honesty, integrity, and success, the products and services provided by Imtiaz Consultancy ensure that it can meet the ever-evolving needs of its female client base as they pursue their passion and purpose in life. Leveraging the age-old ethos that health is wealth, there are three key pillars comprising this operation, namely business, fitness, and nutrition. Across these three areas, not only do the team bring their wealth of professional expertise to the table, but they also share their own experiences and journeys of growth, making this business and its coaching/mentoring services totally unique. Aside from just the programmes, the subsequent network that is created is a safe and kind space, a place for everyone to stay connected and contribute to something amazing, all whilst being themselves and supporting each other. Czarina believes that modern women are in search of a sanctuary where they can connect and learn, a true sisterhood that squashes selfdoubt and promotes a culture of trust and success. This can be seen further in the latest addition to this portfolio, the fitness section of the Imtiaz Method, which was unveiled recently and has been incredibly well received. Beyond this, Imtiaz Consultancy is renowned in industry circles for its Business Launchpad Programme, with this curated collection of the company’s three bestsellers tackling the initial pain points of women seeking to make a dent in industry, these being decision fatigue, financial management avoidance, and a sense of self-doubt. In essence, this programme provides women with the necessary tools, knowledge, and physical plans necessary to succeed in launching their own businesses with the gusto and confidence it takes to succeed in this competitive, male-dominated environment. This award-winning programme is built on the premise that knowledge is power – with every element of this undertaking complemented by a playbook and detailed guide that will provide the desired results quickly, but in a tangible format that can be drawn on for years to come. Czarina explains, “it covers some chunky fundamentals across practical roadmap building, profit and loss tracking, and how to banish your inner critic so women recognise their true worth.” Women supporting women is something that Czarina is incredibly passionate about, and she believes that a wider acceptance of this and its implementation across more areas of society has resulted in a game-changing impact for the overall health and wellbeing of women everywhere. From talking more openly about menopause through to securing financial independence, this inspiration has been carried over into the company’s services and is now present across its three defining avenues. Czarina shares that she has the terrific role models of her mum and sisters, as well as peers and close friends, to thank for giving her the skills that she now dutifully passes on. As she looks ahead to the future, Czarina desires to further extend the portfolio of her brand so that it can continue to cater to the needs of clients. In the immediate future, this will take the form of streamlining its existing offerings, with Imtiaz Consultancy having recently put the finishing touches on its nutrition-based offering, which sees it provide women with the likes of recipe packs, nutrition blogs, and specialist advice that answers many of their burning questions. Like all other offerings provided here, these can be purchased as individual programmes or come bundled in the ALL ACCESS Member Club. Despite being celebrated for business management consultancy specifically; it is clear that Imtiaz Consultancy Limited is so much more. However, on the back of this acclaim, the company is proud to provide our readers with an exclusive offer, its 90-day Business Launchpad Programme for the heavily reduced price of £750, down from the £3000 standard. This amazing offer can be unlocked simply by providing great testimonials at key stages of one’s journey, showcasing to other like-minded women the incredible results this industry-leading programme provides. So, why wait? Use the link below to begin your journey today. Contact: Czarina Sheikh Mathew Company: Imtiaz Consultancy Limited Email Address: info@imtiazconsultancy.co.uk The mission of female business coaching and online personal training organisation Imtiaz Consultancy Limited is to empower women aged 40 and above to yield income from their passion, gaining new skills, increased confidence, and a new lease on life in the process. Named as the Most Comprehensive Business Management Consultancy 2024 – UK for its outstanding work, this company helps women to live a purposeful life, be it in a business or personal sense, through its suite of expert guidance and personalised solutions. Founder and Executive Director Czarina Sheikh Mathew is on hand for more. Remarkable Business and Development Coaching for Women