Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 30 Easing the Stress of Data Protection Data security is a harsh, ever-changing industry. Threats to data protection loom on all sides, from policy and compliance matters to cyber security, and these challenges evolve rapidly, meaning data protection firms must evolve to meet them. Despite this, Ametros Group instils clients with confidence that they process data safely and in accordance with the law. The company solves data privacy and compliance problems expertly, offering a transparent service that hundreds of businesses are happy to rely on. In recent news, Ametros Group’s work has earnt it the Best Data Security & Protection Service Provider 2024 for the East Midlands. Ametros is a consultancy and GDPR data protection officer service which brings companies up to EU and UK privacy law standards. Ametros Group supports businesses with ISO auditors, IT governance, cyber security, and business management consultants. The team’s efforts relieve data privacy and compliance worries, putting in the legwork to help businesses store data according to the law. “Remember that the GDPR wasn’t created to make it more difficult for you to run your business or to be profitable; no one wants to make things harder than they have to be, you just need to make the right decisions for your business. We represent and support hundreds of organisations as their independent external Data Protection Officer, and we’ll always be happy to take on new clients.” Atop providing data protection consultancy, Ametros Group’s outsourced data protection officers work for businesses which need to hand over responsibility to a trusted expert. Ametros Group shows an enduring commitment to its cause, believing that a company should be confident in its approach to data privacy, and it incorporates this belief into its business model, providing them access to seasoned professionals. The scope of the assistance Ametros Group provides is not limited to the UK, however. In recent years, a company in the UK which processes personal details of EU citizens may be required to appoint a representative. The same is true vice versa of EU firms processing the data of UK citizens. Ametros Group is equipped to act as a representative for either instance, demonstrating to regulators that a business’s data is processed in compliance with relevant laws. Ametros Group prides itself on providing a personal touch. As a small company, it is poised to provide a guided service, instructing businesses on the safe, legally compliant use and storage of data and how this can add value to their business. Its suite of services also covers dispute resolution, owing to the company’s comprehensive knowledge of all things data protection. This service is unique from business to business and is precisely tailored to its clients’ needs. Ametros Group is familiar with a plethora of corporate requirements, boasting a track record which spans many environments, including the healthcare, finance, education, and charity sectors, which demonstrates the impressive breadth of experience at the heart of the company. This ability to pivot between businesses, aligning itself with a range of goals and workflows, is just one of the awardwinning facets of Ametros Group’s work. Ametros Group is a small team making a sizeable impact in the data protection industry. It is determined to simplify companies’ data protection needs, bringing a newfound ease to its their operations, from offering expert consultancy to taking on the role of data protection officer altogether. Through crises, changing legislation, and every challenge in between, Ametros Group is always there to help navigate the world of data security. Contact: Karl Wood Company: Ametros Group Web Address: www.ametrosgroup.com