Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 32 Based in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, Revere Homes prides itself on creating beautiful homes and establishing trusting customer relationships. Every house is built with the owner in mind to ensure designs match clients’ lifestyles. The company is passionate about transcending architectural boundaries, balancing space and natural light to reflect outdoor living. Revere Homes want its buyers to experience the best and its diligent team is dedicated to guiding clients through the process from reservation to completion. With its staff of master craftsmen, Revere Homes produces exquisite properties that encompass both character and quality. Steve Britnell and Jamie Jones, joint CEOs, have amassed a wealth of knowledge in housebuilding and become renowned for building inspiring homes. At Revere Homes, the team understands the importance of creating homes that will span generations and meet clients’ specifications for years to come. Constructing a home with integrity and transparency is at the heart of the company’s operations. Revere Homes strives to only work with land that has the right balance of space and light, ensuring that a home will become one with its surroundings and meet buyers’ aspirations. With its fresh approach to housebuilding, Revere Homes is committed to the pursuit of excellence and creating the perfect homes for its customers. By working in collaboration with esteemed partners at every stage of the process, the company can ensure it seamlessly delivers high-quality homes. Many partners are independent businesses and all share Revere Homes’ ethos of excellence. Kim and Christine Halifax, landowners in Watford, say, “From the moment we were introduced to Steve and Revere Homes we felt relaxed by his manner and depth of knowledge. Having been let down by others over the previous two years, we were rightfully cautious. It soon became apparent we needn't be. Steve set out his plans and just as importantly explained the reason and regulations Revere Homes specialises in building exceptional homes with each property designed to maximise space and embrace natural light. As an independent, privately owned business, the company offers its customers a bespoke service. With its meticulous attention to detail and use of high-quality materials, the business consistently constructs properties that exceed customers’ expectations. Revere Homes strives to deliver complete customer satisfaction through its end-to-end housebuilding services. With an illustrious reputation for building outstanding homes, Revere Homes has received our award for Best Independent Home Development Company 2023 - Buckinghamshire. Best Independent Home Development Company 2023 - Buckinghamshire