Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 34 Property Law Firm of the Year 2024 – West Midlands Blackfriars Law Limited provides a full-service client offering from experts with a broad range of legal expertise. Where Blackfriars thrives in 2024 is its conveyancing department, which provides clients a balance of efficient service and customer care, fostering glowing reviews and the utmost confidence in its work. Conveyancing solicitors tackle a huge number of legal challenges. Selling and purchasing properties is the core basis of what they do, though the property-based service at Blackfriars is comprehensive, spanning property transfers, equity release, tenancy agreements, and more. This offering is not limited to freehold or leasehold properties either, so for many clients’ residential or commercial conveyancing needs in the West Midlands, Blackfriars is the go-to firm, and this reputation is well-earnt. Client care is important to the conveyancing team at Blackfriars. Its members are able to break down their extensive knowledge to answer complex client queries a simple way. Also used to working for first-time buyers, the team is equipped to bring a client through the conveyancing journey from start-to-finish with comfort and ease. “Our clients can focus on enjoying their new property, rather than being weighed down by the paperwork and protocols.” Blackfriars Law thanks its clients for the overwhelmingly positive feedback the firm receives. Clients call its conveyancing services thorough, responsive, and praise its conveyancing solicitors for being available to smooth out the difficult parts of a transaction, willing to go the extra mile and ensure that clients are satisfied with the information and service they receive. This feedback places Blackfriars at the topspot locally in the category of housing and property departments. The firm’s value for money, communication, approachability, and legal knowledge also receive glowing, fivestar reviews. Having confidence in a firm’s expertise is important, and thanks to its wealth of excellent feedback, Blackfriars instils that confidence before a client even walks through the door. Despite shifts in the currently volatile housing market, Blackfriars stays atop of price concerns by offering fixed price quotes. It keeps communication going regularly and effectively with the team at the other side of a transaction to ensure that no unhappy surprises disrupt the process before, during, and after. Staying self-assured during a conveyancing matter can be a struggle, especially as a first-time client, but Blackfriars understands the need for market concerns to not bleed over into a client’s experience. Blackfriars lauds its conveyancing department’s success and reliability, and it is proud that its other departments are just as efficient, approachable, and that they benefit from the same expert level of knowledge. Comprising family law, criminal defence, wills & probate, personal injury, immigration law, cybercrime & fraud, and a litigation department, it provides an impressive suite of legal assistance to clients of all kinds. With an offering of integrity and legal proficiency, Blackfriars Law Limited is at the top of the local game. Among the local West Midlands conveyancing firms, its team stands out as distinctly client-focused, ready to tackle all challenges to the legal process with confidence, and it will no doubt continue its trend of award-winning work going forward. Contact: Anwar Zeb Khattak Company: Blackfriars Law Limited Web Address: www.blackfriarslaw.co.uk