Q2 2024

Established in September 2015, RESGL is a leader in the UK transportation sector. The company is the service agent of several vehicle and door manufacturers due to the quality of service and trust that RESGL has established. Its clients vary from multinational companies to solo clients looking for RESGL’s diagnostic and auto electrical expertise to repair their buses, coaches, and minibuses. Since its establishment, the core values of RESGL have remained the same. The company is committed to correctly repairing vehicles and finding the actual fault within the vehicle so that the problem does not rearise at a later date. These services are offered alongside a high level of professionalism and approachability displayed across the entire team at RESGL. When asked about the team, Daniel tells us, “Internally, we believe each person is as important as the other. All voices are heard and spoken to.” The company operates with the mindset that no individual knows everything and makes an effort to recruit employees with skill sets and perspectives that are needed to fill in any gaps within the team. Employees are highly valued at RESGL, and this is reflected in its internal culture. Employees are given the period between Christmas and New Year off to enjoy time with family, as well as many fun incentives throughout the year including summer BBQs, staff meals, and crazy golf tournaments. The incentives are an excellent way of showing the company’s appreciation to its staff with a morale boost. Daniel tells us, “We’d like to highlight our thanks to our brilliant team who keep everything moving day in, day out, going above and beyond to help our customers get their vehicles back out on the road.” Even with a top-quality team, working within the transportation industry has not been without its challenges for RESGL. The entire sector took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the lockdown rules meant that transportation usage steadily decreased. What’s more, Daniel reflects that the entire transportation sector is experiencing a drought in skilled apprentices over the last 12 months. “In our line of work, finding the correct people with the skills required is the hardest challenge. The industry hasn’t produced the apprentices that it requires, which has created a massive skills gap. This has been a double-edged sword for us; the positive being the amount of work available to such a small pool of people in comparison to what it was 12 months ago, but with that amount of work the waiting time for our services has increased,” says Daniel. RESGL has seen an increase in repairs to radar systems on coaches, which many repair companies will not diagnose without having a specific, bus-trained individual on hand. RESGL has been approached in regards curating a new apprenticeship course that will award an auto-electrical qualification. Daniel tells us, “This has been ongoing with several others to make sure a suitable qualification is supplied to the industry that will focus on an area that has been dismissed by joint qualifications with a heavy mechanical bias. The future is being seen as electric vehicles and we need to update the syllabus to reflect that.” In talks for the future, RESGL is putting a heavy emphasis on training and investing in its team. The company hopes to see expansion for its latest large-scale project began in late 2023, RESGL Blue Light Ltd, which will be providing services to Blue Light vehicles. In addition to this, RESGL plans to funnel profits into purchasing new diagnostic equipment, training, and expanding the workforce. Daniel tells us, “2024 is to be a year of building on the foundations we have put down in previous years.” With such a commitment to expanding and polishing its services, 2024 promises to be a year of success for RESGL. We eagerly anticipate the company’s upcoming developments and recommend visiting RESGL’s website to find out more. Contact: Daniel Croskell Company: RESGL Bus & Coach Ltd Web Address: www.resgl.co.uk RESGL is a mobile auto electrical diagnostic service that specialises in public service vehicles. Based in Doncaster, the company’s expert technicians travel across the UK to provide high class diagnostic and repair services to a wide range of clients. As the company receives its title in the UK Transport Awards 2024, we speak with Managing Director Daniel Croskell to learn more about the services offered by RESGL. Best Bus & Coach Diagnostic Electricians 2024