Q2 2024

I A MacKinnon Haulage Ltd is equipped to haul practically anything, including house kits, machinery, building supplies, and steel. The company serves clients across the isles of Western Scotland and the rest of the UK, and it has found a strong place as one of the best in its niche. Best Family-Run Haulage & Transport Solutions Provider 2024 – Western Scotland Heavy-duty haulage is a need for many businesses, and operating in the remote areas of the Scottish isles may limit access to such services. That is where I A MacKinnon Haulage steps up to meet demand. Established in 1998, it delivers across Argyll County, the isles of Coll and Mull, and all over the UK. Based in Tiree and Oban, the business is well-suited to transport goods to-and-from the mainland, delivering both goods and exceptional service across Western Scotland and beyond. As an industry affected by a number of challenges, haulage is difficult to find and maintain a foothold in. Increasing costs, environmental concerns, and skills shortages have harmed many hauliers, especially smaller companies with limited resources to combat the problems. Despite this adversity, I A MacKinnon remains a firm presence in its area, benefitting from experienced owners and a reputation of competence and reliability. As a family-run business, I A MacKinnon has become an entrenched part of the Western Scottish haulage scene, well-equipped with lorries and drivers able to handle harsh weather conditions and deliver to remote locations. Over the years, I A MacKinnon’s services have expanded from livestock haulage to a broader offering. While its vehicles are suited to general haulage needs, the company is particularly experienced in certain services. With its 8-wheel tipper and 3 Artic bulk trailers, A I MacKinnon is well-equipped to transport materials from one site to another, serving various quarries in Argyll and delivering aggregates to the Scottish islands. Its lorries, trailers, and even gravel boats regularly haul large quantities of materials efficiently and without hiccups. Atop this, the company regularly delivers animal feed to Tiree, Coll, and all over Scotland, including hay and straw, and it has been a staple in local timber haulage, having delivered timber for nearly 20 years. I A MacKinnon’s services do not begin and end with haulage, however. On Tiree, it operates both a shop selling building supplies, coal, wood, and animal feed, and it also provides a contracting service. With diggers, tractors, and Loadalls on hand, I A MacKinnon establishes itself as an ever-more important cog in the local construction industry. I A MacKinnon sets an example for haulage companies both local and nationwide. Its resilience, enterprising spirit, and commitment to excellent service make this company as one to congratulate. I A MacKinnon is a fantastic example of the hard work and reliability that makes a successful, family-run business. Company: I A MacKinnon Haulage Ltd Web Address: www.mackinnonhaulage.co.uk