Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 38 Making Marketing Magic Over the years, the UK has become a festival hotspot for any seeking a reprieve from the pressures of daily life. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these festivals offer a freeing space and palpable atmosphere – one simply brimming with potential for equally varied brands. However, finding the perfect spot to immerse attendees in your brand is no simple feat, and often times requires a dedicated and experienced hand to help you find it. Enter Magic Number, recently recognised by SME Magazine as the Best Experiential Marketing Specialists 2024. Masters of navigating the events landscape, Magic Number’s talented team has transcended the meaning of marketing. Since it entered onto the events scene, Magic Number has been making waves for a wide array of ambitious brands looking to elevate the experiences of their respective customers. Established by a group of industry professionals – who, combined, boasted an astounding 25 years of experience in events, production, brand partnerships, and brand activation – the collective has quickly earned itself a position as a highly regarded specialist in its craft. In essence, Magic Number has completely reshaped the ways in which rights holders and brands access one another’s capabilities, be it through mutually beneficial sponsorships, campaigns, or experiences. This is only made possible through Magic Number’s tangible, real-world experience – a trait that, partnered with its breadth of industry knowledge, enables it to develop magnificent manifestations of its clients’ ambitious ideas. From brand positioning and strategy, to partnerships, production, staffing, and asset management, Magic Number has gone above and beyond to promise a level of consumer connection unlike anything the present market has seen. It showcases this exceptional set of skills primarily through its ability to navigate the complex events sphere, from festivals to film premiers. Having personally attended hundreds of events across the UK, and garnered an immense level of understanding in terms of how these very events operate, Magic Number’s team has devised seamless strategies that are guaranteed to benefit any brand. Whether it’s selecting the optimal event to suit the overall theming of a client’s business and products, or leveraging its real-world knowledge of how events work to secure the very best positioning for its companion brands, Magic Number has never once faltered in generating success for any it works with. As for its partnerships, Magic Number has quickly established itself as a dependable entity – an expert in events – upon which even the most notable of collectives can rely. Proud to have represented the likes of Malibu, Absolut, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Paco Robanne Paris, and many more, Magic Number not only promises competitive contacts and pricing, but presents clients with access to the long-standing relationships it has established throughout its tenure. Combine this with the company’s ability to source deals based on real-world, brandsuited data, and you’ve got an exceptionally ambitious marketing specialist who’s more than capable of living up to its reputation. To Magic Number, no dream is too big, nor too small. So long as you have an idea you believe in – one that aligns with the spirit of your brand – there’s nothing its specialists won’t do in order to make it a reality. Taking businesses to the next level is where Magic Number thrives, and it takes great joy in tactfully navigating the events landscape to create strategies and partnerships that are specifically designed to secure results. In the company’s own words – “At Magic Number, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and, in turn, your company.” As a result of Magic Number’s extensive love for elevating brands to the next level, SME Magazine is eager to present this brilliant marketing specialist with the title of Best Experiential Marketing Specialists 2024. No other collective has demonstrated such an immersive approach toward the craft, and we simply can’t wait to see what exciting new ventures Magic Number embarks on as we move ever closer to the coveted festival season. Company: Magic Number Web Address: www.wearemagicnumber.com